AMD Together We Advance Scholar | STASH MAGAZINE

Scholar Visualizes the AMD Experience in “Together We Advance” Spot

Merging CG and motion graphics with on-set projections and live-action, Scholar director Chris Finn looks to capture the exhilaration and emotional engagement promised by AMD’s RyzenTM CPU technology. [Watch]

Inside Banksy Installation Takes Over Cathedral in Florence | STASH MAGAZINE

“Inside Banksy” Installation Takes Over Cathedral in Florence

From the team at Italian multimedia studio Kanaka: “‘Inside Banksy’ is a spectacular immersive event staged inside the Cattedrale dell’Immagine in Florence. It was conceived by media agency Crossmedia in collaboration with the renowned curator Gianni Mercurio. [Watch]

Intention Art Outdoor Motion Installation by Radugadesign | STASH MAGAZINE

“Intention Art” Outdoor Motion Installation by Radugadesign

From the team at Radugadesign in Moscow: “In a new joint project with Russian media agency Intention, we turn to op art, an abstract art trend of the 20th century, rethinking it in a new, digital format. [Watch]

Lil Baby Budweiser World Cup 2022 | STASH MAGAZINE

“The World Is Yours To Take” FIFA World Cup 2022 Anthem Video by FILFURY and Untold Studios

From the team at Untold Studios in London/LA: “This lyric video directed by FILFURY, is part of a global advertising campaign of several films led by Wieden+Kennedy for Budweiser which will be released closer to the World Cup. [Watch]

MILLION animation curated by Rémi Vincent | STASH MAGAZINE

“Million” Motion for MAPP Montréal

Montréal creative Rémi Vincent gathered 17 animators and designers from across the city to collaborate on this dynamic and ultra-wide motion piece originally projected on a wall during the 2019 MAPP Montréal event. [Watch]

Escher x nendo House of movement projection map installation | STASH MAGAZINW

Escher x nendo “House of Movement” Installation

This elegant and relaxing projection was part of an exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Japanese studio nendo and featuring 157 works by Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher. [Watch]