Banksy MURALS Immersive Experience Cannes Film Festival | STASH MAGAZINE

Banksy Murals Featured in Powerful “MURALS” Immersive Experience at Cannes Film Festival

From the release: New York-based creative studio Aggressive, virtual production studio ATM Virtual, PixelRace, and Ukrainian 3D artist Artem Ivanenko premiered their immersive documentary experience, ‘MURALS’ at Cannes Film Festival in May. [Watch]

AMD Together We Advance Scholar | STASH MAGAZINE

Scholar Visualizes the AMD Experience in “Together We Advance” Spot

Merging CG and motion graphics with on-set projections and live-action, Scholar director Chris Finn looks to capture the exhilaration and emotional engagement promised by AMD’s RyzenTM CPU technology. [Watch]

Inside Banksy Installation Takes Over Cathedral in Florence | STASH MAGAZINE

“Inside Banksy” Installation Takes Over Cathedral in Florence

From the team at Italian multimedia studio Kanaka: “‘Inside Banksy’ is a spectacular immersive event staged inside the Cattedrale dell’Immagine in Florence. It was conceived by media agency Crossmedia in collaboration with the renowned curator Gianni Mercurio. [Watch]

Intention Art Outdoor Motion Installation by Radugadesign | STASH MAGAZINE

“Intention Art” Outdoor Motion Installation by Radugadesign

From the team at Radugadesign in Moscow: “In a new joint project with Russian media agency Intention, we turn to op art, an abstract art trend of the 20th century, rethinking it in a new, digital format. [Watch]

Lil Baby Budweiser World Cup 2022 | STASH MAGAZINE

“The World Is Yours To Take” FIFA World Cup 2022 Anthem Video by FILFURY and Untold Studios

From the team at Untold Studios in London/LA: “This lyric video directed by FILFURY, is part of a global advertising campaign of several films led by Wieden+Kennedy for Budweiser which will be released closer to the World Cup. [Watch]

MILLION animation curated by Rémi Vincent | STASH MAGAZINE

“Million” Motion for MAPP Montréal

Montréal creative Rémi Vincent gathered 17 animators and designers from across the city to collaborate on this dynamic and ultra-wide motion piece originally projected on a wall during the 2019 MAPP Montréal event. [Watch]