Opening titles 2024 Playgrounds The Art Department Festivals by Form Play | STASH MAGAZINE

Form Play Opens 2024 Playgrounds, The Art Department Festivals in Eindhoven and Berlin

Conjuring a cast of whimsical characters, Brighton studio Form Play stages a series of gently comic vignettes (in the spirit of Saul Bass) for the title sequence of the 2024 Playgrounds, The Art Department festivals in Eindhoven and Berlin. [Watch]

USM Haller System brand film by FRAME | STASH MAGAZINE

FRAME Assembles the Haller System for USM in Satisfying New Brand Film

The vibrant austerity of the Haller furniture system, a mid-century classic manufactured by Swiss brand USM, receives an appropriately elegant and minimal treatment in this brand film by the team at FRAME in Copenhagen. [Watch]

Aardman and Jungler Stage “McFarmer vs McRancher” Smackdown for McDonald’s

Paris prodco Jungler teams with director Will Studd and the stop-motion mavens at Aardman to frame up a slap-stick proxy burger battle for McDonald’s in France thru agency TBWA. [Watch]

FutureDeluxe Red Wing TruGuard Lite | STASH MAGAZINE

Soft vs Strong: FutureDeluxe for Red Wing Shoes

Executive creative director Ant Baena leads the FutureDeluxe team in stirring up a whirlwind of contrast for heritage US footwear brand Red Wing Shoes to demonstrate “lightweight comfort and rugged durability can seamlessly coexist.” [Watch]

The New Blank animated short film The Imagination Lab | STASH MAGAZINE

The New Blank Invites You Into “The Imagination Lab”

In their latest in-house animated short film, director/designer Eric Edwards and Seattle prodco The New Blank drop a mischievous two-minute jab at the shortcomings of AI and the “commoditization of ideas and creativity”. [Watch]

sub.stnc® Peels Back “The Process” for Lignin Industries

The design and motion crew at sub.stnc® in Malmo, Sweden, elevate the industrial process of transforming wood from forest waste into sustainable bioplastics in this visually engaging brand film for greentech company Lignin Industries. [Watch]

AI vs Humans Baby on Board Safety Car Dog and Rabbit | STASH MAGAZINE

Dog & Rabbit Debates AI vs Humans in New Mixed Media Comedy Series

London studio Dog & Rabbit (aka Andrew Kelleher and Dave Anderson) mix stop-motion, live-action, and AI with traditional and 3D animation in the first episode of their new series of comedy shorts called Baby on Board Safety Car. [Watch]

La Marzocco La Linea Mini brand film by Brikk and Anchor Point | STASH MAGAZINE

Brikk Paints a Perfect Journey for La Marzocco

The design and animation team at Brikk in Stockholm stage the leisurely and idyllic journey of an espresso machine from Italy to Norway in this thoughtfully rendered product launch film for La Marzocco. [Watch]

Form Films and Mike Drayton Stay in “Flux” for William Cheshire Jewelry

London studio Form Films and freelance director/animator/designer Mike Drayton combine talents (and make their Stash debuts) with this pristine and elemental brand film for boutique jewelry designer William Cheshire. [Watch]

Vitor Cervi Carcass Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Vitor Cervi Dissects His Neighborhood in “Carcass” Short Film

Vitor Cervi, a design and animation director based in London, just dropped us his personal short film Carcass, a glitchy mashup of street photography/scanning, collage, and 3D animation commenting on capitalism and the metaverse. [Watch]

Destiny 2 Into the Light cinematic by Unit Motion Design | STASH MAGAZINE

Unit Motion Design Trips “Into the Light” for Destiny 2

Paris studio Unit Motion Design conjures a series of dark and dramatic dioramas in this sweeping intro cinematic for the “Into the Light” expansion of Destiny 2, Bungie’s hit free-to-play online first-person shooter. [Watch]

Loubersanes Romain 2024 Motion Motion Festival Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Romain Loubersanes Gets Face to Face With the 2024 Motion Motion Festival

London-based freelance AD/designer/animator Romain Loubersanes imparts a spirited and playful tone to the 2024 Motion Motion Festival in Nantes, France, with this tightly choreographed typographic trailer. [Watch]

Eoin Duffy Regular Rabbit Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Eoin Duffy Ponders the Messy Nature of Truth in “Regular Rabbit” Short Film

New short films from director Eoin Duffy are always a treat and his latest, the emotionally complex adventure Regular Rabbit, finds his signature mix of minimalist characters and surreal narrative posing the big question, “What is truth?” [Watch]

Hublot Unico Lifestyle by FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

FutureDeluxe Plays With Time and Movement for Hublot

Leaning away from the stark beauty of the ongoing CG luxury watch wars, the motion team at FutureDeluxe frames the mechanical precision of Hublot’s Unico movement in time-warped and fashion-forward live-action. [Watch]