Danish Lamp Product Film Atelier Ostal and Ugo Pignal | STASH MAGAZINE

Atelier Ostal Illuminate the “Danish Lamp” With Ugo Pignal

CG specialists Atelier Ostal in Toulouse, France, just landed on the Stash radar with their submission of this sleek and minimal spot produced in concert with Paris-based composer and sound designer Ugo Pignal. [Watch]

Hero Studios Musical Hallucinations short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Hero Studios Re-Imagine Radiolab’s Musical Hallucinations

New York creative content house Hero Studios and Barcelona animator/AD Germán Di Ciccio add visual insights to a Radiolab podcast “about music, memory, and what it means to be human” by exploring the phenomenon of musical hallucinations. [Watch]

Ledger Nano X CG product film by Magnane | STASH MAGAZINE

Magnane Elevates Ledger’s Nano X Hardware Wallet

Director/CD Benoit Challand at Magnane in Lyon, France: “We were invited to create the hero film and key visuals for the Nano X, one of the most popular products from Ledger, a trusted maker of hardware crypto wallets. [Watch]

Moonbirds Rise of the Mythics PROOF Collective Golden Wolf | STASH MAGAZINE

Golden Wolf Drops New Moonbirds “Rise of the Mythics” Promo for PROOF

ECD Ingi Erlingsson and the design/animation team at Golden Wolf wrangle a parliament of owls into a dramatic action/fantasy in their latest for Moonbirds, the 10,000-piece NFT collection of digital avatars created by PROOF. [Watch]

Brutal Shadow Arch Viz Short Film by Tigrelab | STASH MAGAZINE

Tigrelab Explore the Ambient Beauty of Brutalism in New Arch Viz Short Film

From the team at Tigrelab in Barcelona: “Brutal Shadow is an explorative CG short film where light and shadow take center stage to explore architectural form and atmosphere through 12 iconic brutalist buildings.” [Watch]

Guillaume Combeaud Personal Spec Nike Motion Design Project | STASH MAGAZINE

Driven by the “Love of Designing and Creating in 3D”

Fifteen years into his career, Montreal freelance 3D artist/motion designer Guillaume Combeaud continues to declare his love for the medium with a series of passion projects. This sleek, near-future Nike spec spot is his latest. [Watch]

ManvsMachine and Smirnoff are Better Together in We Do We | STASH MAGAZINE

ManvsMachine and Smirnoff are Looking Better Together in “We Do We”

Kaleidoscopic product shots, dynamic typography, and a cross-section of happy humans flow into one impossible-to-ignore 30-second brand film for Smirnoff, courtesy of the design and motion crew at ManvsMachine thru McCann New York. [Watch]

Google Deepmind MuZero Explainer by ArtandGraft | STASH MAGAZINE

Art&Graft Keep it Simple for Google’s Deepmind MuZero AI

Reteaming with agency Across The Pond, the design and motion crew at Art&Graft in London combine a prismatic graphic treatment with illustration, and bold type to elevate their newest AI explainer for Google. [Watch]

Ticking Away 2023 Valorant Championship Music Video CRCR WIZZ | STASH MAGAZINE

CRCR and WIZZ Unleash The Anthem Music Video for 2023 Valorant Championship

Intermixing the expected action sequences with a surprisingly emotional coming-of-age story, directors CRCR and Paris animation house WIZZ set the tone for Riot’s 2023 Valorant Championship that got underway on August 6 in LA. [Watch]

Drasik Studio Bend Reality Brotherhood | STASH MAGAZINE

Drasik Studio Return to “Bend Reality” and Find Brotherhood

With the third chapter in their Bend Reality short film series, the crew at Barcelona’s Drasik Studio deploy anime and glitchy underground animation styles for an action/fantasy look at the concept of brotherhood. [Watch]

The Heist It Was There All Along short film | STASH MAGAZINE

The Heist Discover the Big Idea “Was There All Along”

Vancouver prodco The Heist and Montreal director/designers Sebastien Camden and Vincent Raineri unite their many talents for a manic multi-technique ode to commercial creativity and the pressurized quest for the big idea. [Watch]

ALTS by adidas The Panics | STASH MAGAZINE

An Ape in a Track Suit Walks Into a Bar…

Guido Ekker, aka VFX supervisor and director at The Panics in Amsterdam, unveils Adidas’ new ALTS web3 loyalty concept, mixing motion-capture, hand-held cameras, and a cyber-punk vibe into a pair of gritty, neon-infused films. [Watch]

Universal Everything Freefarm Lifecycles AI Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Universal Everything Merges AI and Typography for Freefarm “Lifecycles” Music Video

Working with a custom pipeline combining traditional animation with generative AI, ECD Matt Pyke and the crew at Universal Everything brew up a strangely captivating mix of convulsive type and alien architecture for Freefarm. [Watch]

DJ Piper RIP TXL Music Video by Raman Djafari Blinkink | STASH MAGAZINE

Raman Djafari Mines Powerful Memories for DJ Piper’s “RIP TXL” Music Video

Blinkink director Raman Djafari unpacks childhood memories of growing up in the Spandau borough of Berlin as the foundation for this dramatic and dreamy solo CG music video for DJ Piper who hails from the same part of the German capital. [Watch]