Woodbrass Brand Film by Blackmeal | STASH MAGAZINE

Blackmeal Showcases the Joy of Music in Brand Film for Woodbrass (Director’s cut)

CD Vincent Ben Abdellah and the design/animation team at Blackmeal in Nantes, France, wrangle a parade of vibrant characters and styles in this brand film for French online music equipment retailer Woodbrass. [Watch]


The Mundane Becomes Mesmerizing in Jovan Todorović’s “SCHWER” Music Video for Paul Kalkbrenner

Interesting first work out of Mother Berlin finds BWGTBLD director Jovan Todorović building an extraordinary world from mundane moments and volumetrically scanned humans for German techno icon Paul Kalkbrenner. [Watch]


Tomaszewicz Studio Channels Memphis for FILA Kids China

London 3D artists and motion designers Peter and Christiana under TOMASZEWICZ studio spin their signature brand of light-hearted CG chaos into a bold product showcase for the launch of two new shoes for FILA Kids China. [Watch]

Dash Bash 2023 opening titles | STASH MAGAZINE

The Dash Bash 2023 Opens With Collaborative Chaos

Mack Garrison, founder/director of content at Dash: “The Dash Bash is an annual animation and motion design festival based here in Raleigh, North Carolina. This year we had 350 creatives in attendance for the two-day event on July 20-21. [Watch]

BUCK Keeps Australia Cool With Gong Cha Tea | STASH MAGAZINE

BUCK Keeps Australian’s Cool With Gong Cha Tea

ECD Gareth O’Brien (whose many design/animation styles can be seen here) leads the BUCK Sydney crew and a trio of expressive CG characters fearlessly into the Australian heat for Taiwan tea franchise Gong Cha. [Watch]

Lioness Taylor Sheridan Filipe Carvalho Untold Paramount | STASH MAGAZINE

Filipe Carvalho and Untold Open Taylor Sheridan’s “Lioness” on Paramount+

Hot on the heels of his surreal treatment for the 2023 Semi Permanent opening titles, CD Filipe Carvalho teams with Untold Studios to set a gritty/ominous tone for Paramount’s spy thriller “Special Ops: Lioness”. [Watch]

Taxfreefilm Dino Melon Agricola Don Camillo | STASH MAGAZINE

Taxfreefilm Reveals a Melon’s Mistaken Identity for Agricola Don Camillo

Taxfreefilm, the Parma-based studio that brought us the meticulous mechanics of this Omega film, switches gears to show off their comedic character skills in a spot for Italian produce brand Agricola Don Camillo. [Watch]

LucidLink Explainer Film by Unicorn | STASH MAGAZINE

Ukranian Studio The Unicorn Becomes a Client of Their Client

In the face of night bombings and blackouts, Ukrainian boutique branding/animation agency The Unicorn discovered they had a very real-world need for LucidLink’s cloud-based production software they were commissioned to explain. [Watch]

Found Studio Finds Magic in Carpet With Tarkett | STASH MAGAZINE

Found Studio Finds Magic in the Circular Life of Tarkett Carpet

Recyclable carpet may not be a subject that gets many hearts racing, but in this film, the design/motion crew at Found in London elevates the process into an elegant, informative, and visually satisfying experience for French brand Tarkett. [Watch]

Paperman Studios Spec Speaker Spot | STASH MAGAZINE

Meet Paperman Studios and Their Imaginary Smart Speaker

Paperman Studios, a motion design house in Kochi, India, just popped onto the Stash radar with this in-house spec spot for an eponymous smart speaker that looks and feels a lot like a full-budget, commissioned product film. [Watch]

Sam Gainsborough Blinkink BBC The Square Eyed Boy | STASH MAGAZINE

Here’s How Sam Gainsborough and Blinkink Animated “The Square Eyed Boy” for BBC

Introducing a level of nuance to the heated debate of limiting children’s screen time, Blinkink director Sam Gainsborough and stop-motion mavens Andy Biddle and Tobias Fouracre craft an affecting new character for the BBC. [Watch]

BUCK Original Game Lets Revolution | STASH MAGAZINE

Take a Peek at BUCK’s First Game “Let’s! Revolution!”

Launched July 19, Let’s! Revolution! is the first original game from animation/design powerhouse BUCK – described by the studio as a “mashup of deductive tile-flipping reminiscent of Minesweeper and tactical turn-based strategy.” [Watch]

The Tournament of Souls Come Alive Soul Fighter Cinematic by CRCR | STASH MAGAZINE

The Tournament of Souls Comes Alive in CRCR’s Soul Fighter Cinematic

In their latest outing for Riot Games, French collective CRCR (Jérémy Pires, Paul Lacolley, Nicolas Dehghani) deliver a blistering music video/trailer packed with relentless fury and action for the League of Legends Soul Fighter release. [Watch]

Saint-Esprit Pastis Guillaume Briet Spacesheep | STASH MAGAZINE

Guillaume Briet and Spacesheep Mix a Cocktail of Tradition and Extravagance for Saint-Esprit

Working with carte blanche from local distillery Saint-Esprit, the all-Annecy team of director/CG artist Guillaume Briet and Spacesheep studio highlight the modern-meets-traditional aura of the client’s artisanal pastis. [Watch]