CHOCO CONCERT Form Balance brand film by Xi Luo | STASH MAGAZINE

Xi Luo Strikes Form and Balance for CHOCO CONCERT

Chinese designer/director Xi Luo, who lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany, crafts a delicate balance of form and detail in this film for a quirky asymmetrical sneaker from Shanghai-based fashion footwear label CHOCO CONCERT. [Watch]

Chanel Gabrielle Perfume Builders Club | STASH MAGAZINE

Builders Club Wraps Gabrielle Perfumes in All Kinds of Elegance for CHANEL

In their latest work for CHANEL, the crew at Builders Club in Brooklyn dial up their macro CG simulation skills to launch the brand’s Gabrielle perfume range, created as an homage to founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. [Watch]

Virgin Media Goat Glider Sam Brown Untold Studios VCCP | STASH MAGAZINE

The Fur Flies in New Virgin Media Spot by Sam Brown and Untold Studios

Following up on their fabulously coiffed bovine-riding-a-motorcyle spot from 2022, London’s Untold Studios delivers another VFX masterclass in CG grooming with this hang-gliding goat. Both spots are for Virgin Media thru VCCP London. [Watch]

Jesper Lindborg SURI Sustainable Rituals | STASH MAGAZINE

Jesper Lindborg Observes SURI’s “Sustainable Rituals”

In an effort to make a dent in the four billion toothbrushes we discard each year, UK electric toothbrush maker SURI commissioned London director/CG artist Jesper Lindborg to elevate their Earth-conscious appliance into an objet d’art. [Watch]

Vladislav Solovjov LYMA Skincare brand films | STASH MAGAZINE

Vladislav Solovjov Finds Beauty in the Science of Skincare

One-man CG powerhouse Vladislav Solovjov shares his director’s cut of eight beautifully rendered 10-second product animations created for skincare brand LYMA – each one designed to introduce a key product benefit. [Watch]

McDonalds Libros Influencers REINO | STASH MAGAZINE

REINO Buenos Aires Plays it By the Book for McDonald’s Latin America

Agustín Torre and Andrés Álvarez, the director/co-founder duo heading up Buenos Aires animation studio REINO, deliver a joyful ode to the pleasures of reading in this spirited spot for McDonald’s airing across Latin America. [Watch]

Tomorrow Bureau Beats x FRGMT x Frances Tiafoe Jr | STASH MAGAZINE

Tomorrow Bureau Unites Beats x FRGMT x Frances Tiafoe

Using live and digital versions of American tennis ace Frances Tiafoe Jr., London studio Tomorrow Bureau designs a graphic showcase for the latest earbud collab between Beats and musician/producer/streetwear designer Hiroshi Fujiwara. [Watch]

Ital Tek The Mirror Music Video Karl Poyzer | STASH MAGAZINE

Karl Poyzer Explores Ambient Architecture in New Ital Tek Music Video “The Mirror”

UK director/animator/cinematographer Karl Poyzer, who we know best from his hilarious Floaters short films, steers a more ambient and austere course for this music video, a full-CG effort for Britsh composer/producer Ital Tek. [Watch]

Orange The Compil des Bleues | STASH MAGAZINE

Orange “The Compil des Bleues” Spot Uses VFX to Reveal Gender Bias in Soccer

Carefully curated archival footage combined with consummate Flame work from the team at Prodigious makes the case that women’s soccer is just as exciting as the male brand in this powerful demo of gender bias in sports. [Watch]

Goo Goo Dolls Run all night Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Dedo Ciego and Brut “Run All Night” in Goo Goo Dolls Music Video

From the team at Brut in Barcelona: “The brand new single ‘Run All Night’ by the four-time Grammy-nominated rock band Goo Goo Dolls is a powerful ballad about rebirth, transformation, and empowerment. We crafted a beautiful combination of mixed media imagery that truly catches its spirit.” [Watch]

Vladislav Solovjov Tallow and Ash Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Vladislav Solovjov Gets Comes Clean in New Tallow + Ash Trailer (Director’s Cut)

Director/CG artist Vladislav Solovjov: “This film for Tallow + Ash (a planet-friendly UK laundry soap brand) allowed me to continue shifting the current stage of my career to something more bright, boutique-looking, and colorful. [Watch]

Meraas-x-D3-Design-Quarter-Steven-Harrington-Kingdom-of-Something | STASH MAGAZINE

Steven Harrington and Kingdom of Something Invade the Dubai Design Quarter for Meraas

Working with LA artist/designer Steven Harrington, Amsterdam animation and motion studio Kingdom of Something visualizes the creative possibilities promised by residences in the Dubai Design District. [Watch]

Orange Trust Journey Seb Edwards and The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

Seb Edwards and The Mill Take Orange on a “Trust Journey”

Airborne choreography’s moment in the spotlight continues with this charismatic piece of soaring surreality for French multinational teleco Orange by director Seb Edwards with The Mill providing the weightless VFX. [Watch]

Traveling With Kids? Cub Studio’s “I’m Leaving” Short Film is a Must Watch

Traveling with young kids can be exasperating but director Fraser Davidson and writer Chris Brandon at Cub Studio transform one such adventure into a charming (and rhyming) story that should give all new parents hope. [Watch]