Revenant Launches Roster of International Directors

From the release:

Revenant, a leading Scottish animation studio, is thrilled to unveil its new website crafted in collaboration with design studio Form Digital. The revamped site provides an immersive user experience and strengthens Revenant’s brand identity.

At the heart of the new website lies Revenant’s first-ever Directors Roster, a handpicked selection of visionary directors chosen for their ability to captivate audiences with original storytelling and beautiful imagery.

When building the roster, McCrae was careful to give it proper consideration: “I had very in-depth conversations with our directors about their ambitions. I spoke and looked at a lot of rosters, hearing what was effective. I didn’t want to just have a catalogue of people. That feels really impersonal. I chose directors we have experience working with, that I know are great with the team, but also have their own individual specialisms. It was important to me that they all had ethical and cultural differences to give individual perspectives.”

From Calgary to Oslo to our own backyard in Scotland, the roster features a diverse lineup of directors who craft inventive narratives across a variety of mediums, each bringing their own unique vision and expertise to the table

Olaf Blomerus (Calgary): Somewhat analog, somewhat digital, Olaf studied photography in post-secondary education before transitioning to the world of motion. Beginning with small-scale projects like short films and music videos, he gained recognition with his first short film featuring the visually stunning ‘Hello World’ robot. His portfolio already includes two award-winning projects with Revenant, ‘Life Beyond Earth’ and ‘New Frontiers,’ as well as projects with Netflix, Marvel and Apple.

Khurram H. Alavi (Dubai): Khurram grew up as a creative rebel in Pakistan, where society pushed traditional careers. He discovered a passion for art through action comics, which led to his obsession with video games, animation and film. His breakthrough came when his writing and filmmaking skills were put to use on the first animation feature project in the Middle East, ‘Bilal.’ He is currently Chief Creative Officer at Barajoun Studios in Dubai.

Onur Senturk (London): Born in Turkey and now based in London, Onur is an award-winning film director who made a start in fine arts before moving into animation. His design and art direction on David Fincher’s ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ main titles helped launch his directing career. Revenant has already worked with Onur on the superb Oni Skin trailer for Riot Games’ ‘Valorant.’

Simon Robson (Sydney): Simon is a mixed-media director whose career spans nearly 20 years across international creative hubs. Entirely self-taught, he started out as a freelance Designer and Animator in London in the early aughts before becoming a Commercials Director, working on spots for Nike, Adidas and Save the Children. Simon is currently freelance, based in Sydney, and busy with a variety of projects that benefit from his experience melding live-action, animation and CGI.

Axl Le (Oslo): Hailing from Shanghai, Axl progressed swiftly from beginnings as a digital artist in 2016, to opening his own studio in 2018, to working as a solo Director from 2019. He specialises in directing photo-realistic 3D animation for short films, title sequences and music videos. While impactful visuals can offer a surge of sensory satisfaction akin to adrenaline, Axl contends that the enduring impact stems from a compelling story, which is what truly moves and resonates with people.

Stuart Langfield (Scotland): Revenant’s home turf of Scotland is represented by film director Stuart Langfield. Stuart is known for his powerful visuals, authentic characters, and carefully framed compositions that have garnered multiple awards and screenings at festivals worldwide. His narrative work delves into broad societal issues through stylised, poetic, character-driven films. Everything Stuart creates bears the signature of his attention to detail, evidenced in his expertise in lighting, pacing, tone and atmosphere.

The launch of the new website and Directors Roster reaffirms Revenant’s commitment to innovation and creativity, setting the stage for exciting collaborations and groundbreaking storytelling.