Stuart Langfield and Revenant Open OFFF Barcelona 2024 With “Synthetic Pleasures”

AI escapes our devices and hijacks our bodies in this gradually intensifying title sequence from the 2024 edition of OFFF Barcelona by Scottish/Canadian filmmaker Stuart Langfield with Glasgow studio Revenant handling VFX. [Watch]

Revanent Directors_Roster | STASH MAGAZINE

Revenant Launches Roster of International Directors

From the release: At the heart of the new website lies Revenant’s first-ever Directors Roster, a handpicked selection of visionary directors chosen for their ability to captivate audiences with original storytelling and beautiful imagery. [Watch]

Revenant Producer Sean Ewins | STASH MAGAZINE

Revenant Expands With Hiring of Producer Sean Ewins

From the release: Revenant is pleased to announce the hiring of Sean Ewins as Producer. Sean joins us from Glasgow-based Blazing Griffin where he was Post-Production Manager. [Watch]

Oakley Max and Maxine Trailers by Revenant | STASH MAGAZINE

Revenant Unveils Future Genesis Trailers for Oakley

Founder/CD Kevin McCrae and the CG team at Revenant in Glasgow craft a pair of sci-fi teaser films for Oakley designed to unify the diverse interpretations of the company and “create a cohesive context for the brand’s evolution.” [Watch]


Revenant Grows Creative Team Adding Veteran CG Supervisor Joe Lawrenson

From the release: Revenant welcomes Joe Lawrenson to their core team as CG Supervisor. Joe brings 17 years of experience across a broad range of image contexts, including still and moving, advertising, film, and TV, most recently working with Axis Studios. [Watch]

Battersea Power Station Lift 109 Motion Art Installation Revenant | STASH MAGAZINE

Battersea Power Station Lift 109 Motion Art Installation by Revenant

Kevin McCrae, CD/founder at Revenant in Glasgow: “Revenant was commissioned by agency Squint/Opera to produce a 360° animated film as part of the new Battersea Power Station Lift 109 viewing experience in London.” [Watch]

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