Roger Crew Channels Their Inner Kid With Nickelodeon Rebrand

From the release:

Branding and design agency Roger recently partnered with Nickelodeon to collaborate on the network’s first rebrand in 14 years. The cornerstone of the new brand identity is an update to the iconic Splat logo, unveiled during Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2023.

Conceived to unify the Nickelodeon brand across on-air, digital, and social, the holistic rebrand features a rounded graphic system imbued with vibrant colors honoring the network’s legacy of celebrating the inner child in everyone, regardless of age.

Roger founder and ECD Terry Lee and Creative Director Braden Wheeler led the design of the new brand system for Nickelodeon. Their goal was to create a cohesive new identity that could live, grow, and flex with Nickelodeon’s expansive creative output.

“We love a brief that asks us to tap into our weirdo kid brains,” says Wheeler. “Kids are all about trying everything out, so we wanted to make a brand that allowed for revisionism, randomness, and irreverence. That said, the design language needed consistency across every touchpoint of the Nickelodeon brand, from on-air to digital and social media to the product packaging and resort experiences, so we knew we needed a very accessible core to the visual identity.”

Roger strategically designed the new Splat using a circular grid system, which allowed for a secondary set of splat shapes to be built on the same grid to complement the hero mark with a natural cohesiveness.

The motion language used in the new brand calls back to Nickelodeon’s classic animated style with a blend of traditional cel animation and modern 3D design. Bold and clean typography is layered on top, satisfying the client’s vision for a contemporary look and feel that honors its legacy as an iconic kids’ network.

Built around Nickelodeon’s signature orange, the new brand palette enters fresh territory with complementary gradients of purples, yellows, and pinks. Meanwhile, the typography taps into the brand’s irreverent DNA. Roger chose ROC Grotesk for its subtle irregularity and paired it with Neue Plak, which created contrast with its more condensed style. With the extensive style options within both font families, the brand would have a wide range of opportunities for evolution in the future.

“We aimed to infuse a sense of imagination and exploration into every deliverable and design choice in a quite literal sense, with elements reinventing themselves in real-time,” explains Wheeler. “It was a tightrope balance between eclectic and cohesive, but the modularity built into the system gives Nickelodeon the flexibility to play in their sandbox and build upon the brand for years to come as new IPs and initiatives are introduced. Flexibility was always at the forefront of our thinking.”

“As a kid, Nickelodeon was my go-to, and that went a long way in shaping my sense of humor and expanding my creativity,” concludes Lee. “From Rugrats to SpongeBob and Big Nate, they continue pushing the boundaries of kids’ entertainment. We’ve been working with Nickelodeon since our early days as a studio.

“There’s a shorthand that only comes with a longstanding relationship, and that ease of communication kept us in lockstep while brainstorming the new identity. It truly was a collaboration that couldn’t have happened without the strength of their in-house team. The Nick crew is top-notch, and that gave us full confidence that we could push the boundaries both creatively and technically. Above all… IT. WAS. SO. MUCH. FUN.”
Nickelodeon Global Rebrand 2023 Roger | STASH MAGAZINE

Nickelodeon Global Rebrand 2023 Roger | STASH MAGAZINE

Nickelodeon Global Rebrand 2023 Roger | STASH MAGAZINE

Nickelodeon Global Rebrand 2023 Roger | STASH MAGAZINE

Nickelodeon Global Rebrand 2023 Roger | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: Nickelodeon
EVP, Global Kids & Family Marketing: Sabrina Caluori
SVP, Global Creative: Vincent Aricco
EP: Danielle Jotham
SVP, Design & Motion: Michael Waldron

Branding/design: Roger
ECD: Terence Lee
CD: Braden Wheeler
EP: Josh Libitsky
Head of Production: Anne Pendola
Line Producer: Christian Kendrick
Post Producer: Tara Danna
AD: Rob Modini
Technical Director: Alex Van Dyne
Editor: Patrick Nagy