2024-Emmy-Main-Title-nominees | STASH MAGAZINE

Antibody, Elastic, and Imaginary Forces Vie for 2024 Main Title Design Emmy

Three powerhouse motion studios, Antibody, Elastic, and Imaginary Forces (aka the reigning royal trio of TV title design) dominated the Outstanding Main Title Design category at the 2024 Emmy nominations announced July 17. [Watch]

BBC 2024 Paris Olympics Nexus Fx Goby | STASH MAGAZINE

Fx Goby and Nexus Studios Launch BBC 2024 Olympics Coverage in the City of Love

Nexus Studios’ director Fx Goby, whose wide-ranging character work you can see here and here, captures the passion and pain of 36 athletes in this rousing spot for the BBC’s coverage of the 2024 Paris Olympics. [Watch]

Blinkink & Woodblock Add New Tilt to Euro 2024 for BBC

The quick pace and uncertain outcomes of the Euro 2024 tournament on BBC find an apt metaphor in star-studded pinball action via Blinkink directors Balázs Simon and Raman Djafari with Berlin’s Woodblock handling animation. [Watch]

Jona Pahl Hits the Stash Radar with “The Ark” Opening Titles

German 3D artist and motion designer Jona Pahl makes his Stash debut with this intriguing spec CG title sequence and process reel for a sci-fi series called The Ark, exploring the complex bonds between animals and humans. [Watch]

Imaginary-Forces-Dark-Matter-titles | STASH MAGAZINE

Ronnie Koff and Imaginary Forces Open “Dark Matter” for Apple TV+

In direct contrast to the sly comedy of his recent title work for the Roast of Tom Brady, Imaginary Forces CD Ronnie Koff leads viewers thru an austere brutalist labyrinth in the opening for Dark Matter on Apple TV+. [Watch]

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