MEGA TV Idents by Yeti Pictures | STASH MAGAZINE

MEGA TV Idents by Yeti Pictures

Tony Zagoraios, director and founder at Yeti Pictures in Athens: “We were asked to create five idents for the rebranding of Greek television network MEGA, in order to add depth and life to their logo. [Read more]

Netflix Sex Education Pre-Title sequence Ep 7 Future Power Station | STASH MAGAZINE

Netflix “Sex Education” Pre-Title sequence by Future Power Station

Director Yibi Hu and his animation team at Future Power Station in London poke at the boundaries of NSFW in this extraordinary sci-fi/fantasy pre-title sequence for episode 7 of the third season of Sex Education on Netflix. [Read more]

Stash 149 Preview Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Stay Inspired: Preview All the Motion Magic in Stash 149

Here’s your chance to head into Fall fully inspired! Grab a peek at the trailer for Stash 149, a phenomenal collection of design, animation, and VFX work and the newest addition to the Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]

"Call Me by Fire" TV Series Promo by MixCode | STASH MAGAZINE

“Call Me by Fire” TV Series Promo by MixCode

Taiwan design and motion studio Mixcode channel the action and aesthetics of comic book art in this promo for Call Me By Fire, a Chinese reality TV show where 33 male entertainment celebrities compete to form a performance group. [Read more]

"Sweet After Bitter" Broadcast Package by Super Very More | STASH MAGAZINE

“Sweet After Bitter” Broadcast Package by Super Very More

Creative director Kim Youngmin and designer/animator Kwon Doyoung at Seoul motion studio Super Very More kick out a rambunctious and rockin’ animated show promo for Discovery, Korea. [Read more]

"See: Season 2" Main Titles by John Likens and Method | STASH MAGAZINE

“See: Season 2” Main Titles by John Likens and Method

The second season of See, the Apple TV+ sci-fi drama set in a post-virus world where humans are left sightless, opens with this sinuous and sinister sequence crafted by director John Likens and the crew at Method Studios. [Read more]