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Behind the Scenes With Plenty on “Directv Rio 2016”

What started out for Buenos Aires studio Plenty as a straightforward project to recreate Rio de Janeiro in full CG, soon evolved into a complex experiment merging a sweeping practical MDF miniature of the city and 10 3D-printed statues of olympic athletes with projection mapping.

Plenty: “The whole production is real, we only did color correction. The piece wasn’t intended for advertising but to create an artistic representation of what the Olympic Games symbolize for the Directv, which is a colossal and beautiful moment.”

Behind the scenes:

Finished spot:


EP & Creative Director: Claus Cibils
Producers: Johann Gamez, Shirley Hernandez

Directed by: Plenty
Creative Director: Mariano Farias & Claus Cibils (Directv).
Live Action Director: Mariano Farias.
Executive Producers:
 César Morán Mazo & Inés Palmas
Producer: Clara Etcheverry
Live Action Production House: Motion Group
Executive Producer: Guillermo Mutis
Production Manager: Maxi Yunes
Art Director:
 Macs Riedel
DP: Juan Maglione
Production Design: Leonor Garcia Vercillo
Set dresser & Construction: Jimena Sorenson, Elian Pittaro, Milena Sanchez, Maria Laura Estevez, Maria Eugenia Tomé, Clara Carranza, Mariangeles Gelosi, Carolina Stefanini, Diego Cinalli & Federico Valinoti
Art Department Assistant: Rosario Mercau
AD: Mechi López
Production Coordinator: Matias Bossie
 Hernan Estévez, Macs Riedel, Sergio “Fuego” Damonte, Germán Merlo, Lucia Izco & Valeria Moreiro
Sergio Slepczuk & Germán Merlo
Animation Director:
 Hernan Estévez
2D & 3D Animation:
 Hernan Estévez, Macs Riedel, Sergio “Fuego” Damonte & Luis Sencio
3D Character Modelling & Design:
 Franco Carlesimo
3D Arq. City Modelling & Design:
 Lucas Carracedo, Benjamín Jagusiecsko & Guido Claverie
3D Printing: Mariel Lluch
Lighting and rendering: 
Macs Riedel, Sergio “Fuego” Damonte
Editing: Marcelo Gottifredi
Color: Macs Riedel
VFX Supervisor: 
Fernando Morán
 Ancel Patterson, Benjamín Jagusieczko, Macs Riedel & Sergio “Fuego” Damonte
Making of: Daia Von Foerster & Nadia Benedicto