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Behind the Scenes: “The Future of Music” 360° Mockumentary

Behold, the making of the planet’s first interactive 360° mockumentary, a silly/surreal experience called “The Future of Music” written and directed by London-designer-turned-director Greg Barth for Belgian online electronic music platform Hello Play!.

Greg Barth: “The future of music is a one of a kind 360 film that follows Carré Bleu, a fictitiously famous music producer who can modulate time, space and gravity to create the music of the future.

“In this mockumentary interview, he introduces us to a new range of retro-futuristic human instruments he is using to create ground-breaking new sounds for music artist Polar Youth.

“At the intersection between art and marketing, this digital work questions the relation between humans and our era’s completely digitalized music production approach.”

Written and Directed by Greg Barth

Produced by
Blinkink & DIGIZIK
In association with Phenomena Labs & SeeSense

Original Musical Score:
Polar Youth

Hugo Donkin
Greg Barth


Executive Producers:
James Stevenson Bretton
Bart Yates

Carré Bleu – Eryl Lloyd Parry
Balloon Popper – Will Vincent
Foam Falling – Lexi Jakk
Vacuum Player – Samuel Franck
Flying Vortex – Yingzhen Liu
Glass Smasher – David Moss
Stair Master – Tobias Rose

Pau Munoz

Max Halstead

Art Director:
Will Vincent

Art Department:
Rosalind Gahamire
Isobel Irwin
Lauren Veevers
Juhee Hahm
Clare Lewis
Clarissa Collins

Juhee Hahm

Costumes generously provided by
Mai Gidah

Additional Costumes:
Juhee Hahm

Post Production:
Phenomena Labs:
VFX Supervisor – Ronen Tanchum
Compositor – Tal Baltuch
3D Tracking – Peanut FX
Mix and Mastering – Nookaad Productions

Additional VFX UK:
Johannes Sambs

Filmed at
Clapham Road Studios

Cameras & Lenses generously provided by