“The Mystery of The Pink Flamingo” by Device

From Device studio in Barcelona: “We are really excited to finally be able to present the animated introduction we created for Javier Polo’s documentary ‘The Mystery of The Pink Flamingo’, which has been recently selected to compete in the Global section of the SXSW 2020 film festival.

“It was such an intense project we developed alongside our esteemed collaborator, the artist Carla Fuentes, who gave to the animation we had conceptualized and directed her characteristic illustration style.

“As an iconic symbol of the pop culture, the Pink Flamingo figure is absolutely present in our everyday lives, though the origin of this kitsch and corny fever is still a great mystery.”

Director: Device
Illustration: Carla Fuentes
Animation: Device, Javi Baquero, Ana Moniz, Casper Nykopp
Clean Up: Device, Pierre Leus, Eze Cruz, Pau Anglada, Casper Nykopp
Diseño de logotipo: Lawerta Fe

Music: Santero y Los Muchachos
Sound: Lastcrit