Thomas Vanz “INTRA” – From Black Hole to Big Bang

French director Thomas Vanz’ second film “INTRA” gives us “a realistic visualization of what a spinning black hole could look like and an aesthetic vision of the white hole theory.”

Thomas Vanz: “We don’t know yet what is inside a black hole, we know it is a singularity, a point where the our theories don’t work anymore.

“One of the possibilities is called The White Hole Theory, a sort of exit from the black hole, a point where everything is born, including space and time. Some compare it to the Big Bang.

“INTRA tells the visual story of this theory, a journey from the black to the white hole, a cosmic tale of death and birth.

“For production, I shoot really close footage of macroscopic chemical reactions in order to have a library of elements that are used to make cosmic compositions in post-production.

“For the fall into the black hole, I also asked the help of a dutch developer Pim Schreurs, who coded an accurate simulation of what the black hole’s gravitational lensing would look like.

​”The music is also the result of a collaboration – my good friend Julien Marchal, a french pianist, and Jonathan Fitas, a famous sound designer and violinist.”

Director: Thomas Vanz
Co-directed with Nano Lab
Piano: Julien Marchal
Violon/Mix: Jonathan Fitas
Programmer: Pim Schreurs
Additional Music, sound-design: Thomas Vanz

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