VFX Compositing 101: Nothing is Real

Quick and cheeky intro to the basics of VFX work including rotoscoping, tracking, 3D, and rig removal created by Roy Peker, a digital compositor at London powerhouse Milk Visual Effects, and featuring UK actor Aaron Vodovoz.

Intro to VFX compositing | STASH MAGAZINE

Created by – Roy Peker
Starring – Aaron Vodovoz
DOP – Jordan Stephens
Sound Recorder – James Smith-Rewse
Matchmove and Layout – Nicholas Ng
3D Generalist – Elon Ben Nov
Color Grader – Felipe Szulc
Sound Designer – Harry Landymore
Music – Zach Agassi

Special Thanks;
Vasiliy Dmitriev, Ran Peker, Bluezone Corporation, Annex Films, Hanna Szirmai, Allar Kaasik, Alex Dvoyris, Yaya Gadon, Rona Cohen, Matan Arbel, Kiel Figgins, Or Terry, Dani Frenkel, Yam Artzy,

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