Watch How the First Animated Face Mask Came to Be

Follow along with NOMINT founder and CD Yannis Konstantinidis, as he combines art, function, and safety into the planet’s first animated COVID mask in a self-initiated project to benefit the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Yannis Konstantinidis: “Animation at its core has always been about taking something inanimate and mundane and bringing it to life, with a new sense of magic and excitement. Reframing a face mask as a fresh canvas allows for artistry that may open people’s eyes to the endless possibilities around us.

NOMINT: “The mask actually comprises several stop-motion animations from 400 unique cloth masks, animated together to create the illusion of a mask with a parade of colorful moving images.

“Yannis partnered with animation studios, animators, and directors including Giant Ant, Ori Toor, Henrique Barone, Clim Studio, and Rafael Varona, who donated their time and talents to the cause. Pairing his directorial talent with their expertise, he endeavored to transform the mask into a beautiful, optimistic, and hopeful canvas of creative expression.

“After reformatting the animations and printing on masks, they were next assembled using a denim outer layer and cotton inner lining, before being filmed in sequence to bring the illustrations to animated life.”

To purchase masks and/or make donations to the charity, go to the Indiegogo campaign here.
Production: NOMINT
Director: Yannis Konstantinidis
Animation: Giant Ant, Ori Toor, Henrique Barone, Clim Studio, Rafael Varona
Music Licensing: Epidemic Sounds