Many Worlds Studio Branding by Eze Matteo (and Erwin Schrödinger)

Director/animator Eze Matteo in Barcelona, Spain on his logo animation for Many Worlds studio: “The many-worlds interpretation (MWI) is a theory of quantum physics-based on Schrödinger’s cat, a thought experiment in which a cat is in a box with a flask of poison.

“A machine containing a radioactive element is set to shatter the flask in the event that the radioactive element decays. If that happens, the cat dies.

“That radioactive decay is a purely quantum process. Until it’s observed, it has both decayed and not decayed so the cat is simultaneously alive and dead until we open the box.

“This implies that every possible version of you exists out there. You’re just the one who happens to be experiencing this branch of reality. Every other possible life path, including those branching in different directions from every decision you’ve ever made, maybe just as real.”

Client: Many Worlds Studio
Director/storyboard/design/animation: Eze Matteo
Audio: Aimar Molero