Brand New School Demystifies Photoshop for the Masses

CCO and director Jonathan Notaro at Brand New School in NY: “While we have partnered with Adobe on various projects over the years, this was an opportunity to work with them on ground-up creative concepts and take them through production.

“We also wanted to show them how our model allows for a more holistic creative approach, where the concept and craft are in lockstep. Plus, we know a thing or two about Photoshop, so using that knowledge and lens ideas through what’s possible with the tools was a fun, creative exercise.

“Creatively, the most significant challenge was understanding the best use case for a specific tool. Then, show what’s achievable with Photoshop in just a few steps. We came at it with an understanding of how Photoshop can help you make certain design motifs or fix your mistakes.

“Everything we showed had to be proven that it was possible with the simple steps we outlined. In the end, we came up with ideas that integrated a very authentic use of the tool, and in some cases, we were able to inject some humor into the simple story. We anchored each story in reality by introducing live-action endings that give you more context on the creator and what they were making.”
Brand New School Adobe Photoshop | STASH MAGAZINE

Brand New School Adobe Photoshop | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: Adobe
Creative Director: Doug Beach
Producer: Jamie Yang, Will McPherson

Production: Brand New School
Director: Jonathan Notaro
Creative Director: Jeff Welk
VFX Supervisor: Blake Huber
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
Designer: Abigail Goh, Claire Kho, Jelly Wei, Lia Kim, Meg Hunt, Sebastien Camden, Yi Kuo
2D Animator: Anthony Kim, Seong Yeop Sim
3D Animator: Jaewoo Park, Michael Costabile
Copywriter: Dave Muhlenfeld
Storyboard: Tony Chow Hsieh
Photo Retoucher: Jim Lind
Nuke Compositor: Sung Eun Moon
Flame Operator: Tamir Sapir, John Budion
Editor: Ryan Rigley
Assistant Editor: Andrew Polich, Tyler Byrnes
Colorist: Rare Medium
CCO: Jonathan Notaro
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
Executive Producer: Johnna MacArthur
Producer: Joshua Syx

Music Supervisor: Kyle McKeveny
Audio Mixer: One Thousand Birds