The Greatest Roast of All Time Tom Brady Imaginary Forces | STASH MAGAZINE

Imaginary Forces Sets the Stage for Roasting Tom Brady

The recent (and hard hitting) Netflix roast of seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady opened with this smirky mix of classic awards show glitz and understated comedy via CD Ronnie Koff and the motion team at Imaginary Forces. [Watch]

SCAD CoMotion 2024 Title Sequence | STASH MAGAZINE

SCAD’s CoMotion 2024 Conference Opens With “The Nature System” Title Sequence

This year’s edition of Savannah College of Art and Design’s CoMotion conference opened with this title sequence which anchored a full branding package of 100+ deliverables designed and produced by a team of 40 students. [Watch]

Ash Thorp Tri-Sect Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Ash Thorp Wraps “Tri-Sect” Short Film in Design, Science, and Mystery

The latest automotive-inspired motion art piece from Ash Thorpe and friends layers up a dense and enigmatic fusion of atmosphere and design into a 75-second short film called Tri-Sect. [Watch]

Red-Cross-Neutrality-spot-by-Noma-Bar-and-Dutch-Uncle | STASH MAGAZINE

Noma Bar Simplifies “Neutrality” for the Red Cross

Dutch Uncle director/illustrator Noma Bar, whose powerful work for NY Presbyterian hospital graced the cover of Stash 116, applies his signature minimalist design and delightful transitions to this “Neutrality” spot for the Red Cross. [Watch]

Ordinary Folk and Ambrose Yu Instrumental Visual Poem | STASH MAGAZINE

Exploring the Dance of Sound and Motion

CD Jorge Canedo Estrada and designer Avikali Lomavatu at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver team with composer Ambrose Yu for an experimental personal project they call “Instrumental Visual Poem” where the music drives the design and animation. [Watch]

Vucko Cultivates a Motion Ecosystem for Tidal | STASH MAGAZINE

Vucko and Hornet Cultivate a Motion Ecosystem for Tidal

Working with Hornet, Andrew Vucko and his motion team in Toronto craft a clean, kinetic, and modular new motion identity for premium music streaming platform Tidal to work across the breadth of the brand as well as in future campaigns. [Watch]