Aardman Nathan Love Get a Feel for Nad & Tad

From Aardman Nathan Love: “In a recent partnership with Patients and Purpose, ANL designed and animated this adorable campaign for testicular cancer prevention and awareness.

“This supercut features all four of the 15-second animated shorts, each one depicting a different part of the overall message: check yourself for the different signs of testicular cancer.”
Nad and Tad by Aardman Nathan Love | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Patients and Purpose

Production: Aardman Nathan Love
Executive Producer: Jon O’Hara
Producer: Allison Robinson
Creative Director: Joe Burrascano
Director: Anca Risca
Art Director: Tim Probert
Design & Storyboards: Tim Probert
Animatic: Tim Probert, Sunny Yazdani
CG Lead: Elizabeth Ku-Herrero
Character Modeler: Elizabeth Ku-Herrero
Animation Lead: Thomas Shek
Texturing & Shading: Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Jin Fang Jiang
Lighting & Compositing: Jin Fang Jiang, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero
FX: Josh Clos

KippCase Rigging Studio
Rigging: Rijah Kazuo, Jonatas Ribeiro

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