Lenovo Legion Launch Event Film by Audis Huang | STASH MAGAZINE

Lenovo Legion Launch Event Film by Audis Huang

The all-Taiwan team of director/designer Audis Huang and Moonshine Animation hammered away for six weeks on this sleek and sweeping film featured during the launch event for Lenovo’s Legion gaming PCs and laptops. [Read more]

"PATTERN" Short Film by IC-United | STASH MAGAZINE

“PATTERN” Short Film by IC-United

IC-United Studios in Beijing merge digital fashion, mocap dance, and dream-induced environments into a surreal and somewhat disorienting CG short film for Nowness, called PATTERN. [Read more]

"Data Processing" Short Film by Media.Work | STASH MAGAZINE

“Data Processing” Short Film by Media.Work

Toiling out of studios in Moscow and London, the team at Media.Work take a break from their commercial assignments to flex their experimental ambitions in this sculptural CG exploration of computing processes. [Read more]

Forginal Industrie Brand Film by Creature Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Forginal Industrie Brand Film by Creature Studio

Creature, a tiny motion and archviz studio in Lyon, France leverages their CG talents into a stylish and compelling promotional video for local company Forginal Industrie, a family-owned manufacturer of precision metal forgings. [Read more]

"Swash by Whirlpool" Brand Film by Lumbre | STASH MAGAZINE

“Swash by Whirlpool” Brand Film by Lumbre

Laundry detergent is not a category often associated with noteworthy design but that prejudice may be changing with this recent work from Buenos Aires motion masters Lumbre and agency 9Rooftops for appliance giant Whirlpool. [Read more]

"Ninja Turtles At Home" Fan Short by See Gee Studio | STASH MAGAZINE | STASH MAGAZINE

“Ninja Turtles At Home” Fan Short by See Gee Studio

Laura Heath and Eddy Herringson at See Gee motion graphics studio in Sydney, Australia: “When a lockdown pushes crime down, what’s a hero in a half shell to do?” [Read more]