"Pluma in Quarantine" Short Film by Ruben F Stremiz | STASH MAGAZINE

“Pluma in Quarantine” Short Film by Ruben F Stremiz

Director/animator Ruben F Stremiz in Buenos Aires: “This project was born in quarantine, to be grateful to the medical staff for their effort during the covid pandemic. Later we transformed it into a short movie that shows us different attitudes during life in quarantine.” [Read more]

"Heat" Short Film by Colors And The Kids | STASH MAGAZINE

“Heat” Short Film by Colors And The Kids

The latest 3D exploration from the team at C A T K in Berlin is a five-minute, data-driven opus of melting abstraction that “seeks the beauty and artistic potential in the algorithmic recreation of real-life occurrences.” [Read more]

Insmed "Unbreakable" by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Insmed “Unbreakable” by ROOF Studio

The team at ROOF Studio in New York engage their talents for hyper-detailed worlds and characters to elevate this film designed to raise awareness of NTM Lung Disease for biopharmaceutical brand Insmed thru agency AREA 23. [Read more]

Stargate Fan Art Titles by Mike Williamson | STASH MAGAZINE

Re-Opening “Stargate” with New Fan Art Titles

With the MISTER studio in Sydney closed for 10 days between Christmas and New Year, CD Mike Williamson grabbed the time to create a personal project and revisit his childhood love of Roland Emmerich’s 1994 sci-fi classic “Stargate”. [Read more]

Art&Graft release "We Are OFK" for The Game Awards | STASH MAGAZINE

Art&Graft Unleash “We Are OFK” at The Game Awards

Art&Graft in London: “[We were] approached to direct and animate the first live performance from ‘We Are OFK’, a new interactive series and music project that launched at the opening of The Game Awards show in New York. [Read more]

"Alla Luce" Short Film by Sally Reynolds | STASH MAGAZINE

“Alla Luce” Short Film by Sally Reynolds

Sally Reynolds, an Australian designer/artist living in New York, says the inspirations for her latest short film “Alla Luce” include, ballet, Moby, American kinetic sculptor Anthony Howe, ceramic artist Juz Kitson, and a hangover. [Read more]