BAT Takes Flight in “The Creative Journey” for Wacom

From the release:

Not To Scale and Iris collaborate to produce a beautiful, eye-catching film for Wacom Cintiq. The film imaginatively illustrates the typical journey and endeavors that an Artist takes through their career to realize their creative ambitions.

Directed by Not To Scale’s Directors, BAT, the film tells this story through the artist’s own creation, an illustration of an eagle set in a landscape.

BAT (Bali Engel and Mat Landour): “We love telling stories. This was a particularly challenging one as it unfolds in six different styles. Despite this, we always felt comfortable as we loved the script and the brand.

“Everybody in our industry works with Wacom and we know the brand very well so we really wanted to honor it with a great film for artists everywhere to enjoy”

We follow the eagle as it journeys and evolves through six different scenes, each a metaphor for representing the typical ups and downs of a creative career, including; artistic infancy, early commissions, client rejection and picking oneself up to improve and go again, gaining more confidence, achieving commercial success, through to finally mastering your skill to receive global adulation.

Every scene was created in an illustrative style that reflected the capability of Cintiq as a creative tool, but these scenes also needed to be animated in a different style each time to help show how an artist’s style might evolve over time and to appeal to the widest possible range of Wacom users too.

To achieve this and to dive deeper into the idea, Not To Scale proposed working with a variety of incredibly talented and renowned illustrators who had been on creative journeys in their own right; talent such as Rune Fisker, Jose Luis Agreda and Juan Barabani came on board to collaborate with BAT and Not To Scale with brilliant effect to design the different scenes.

Then in order to ensure the story threaded together through each scene and style BAT oversaw the careful composition of the animation so that the film also works, in its entirety as a seamless single-shot sequence. The results are a creatively unique film that reflects and is faithful to the creativity inherent to the Wacom brand itself.

Client: Wacom

Agency: Iris
CD: Richard Hayter
Creatives: Naresh & Arash
Producer: Matthew Hodges

Production: Not To Scale
Director: BAT
Executive Producer & Writer: Dan O’Rourke
Producer: Edward Tull
Design: Jose Luis Agreda, Rune Fisker, Juan Barabani
Animation: Matt Partridge, Geoff McDowall, Chris Cray, Nicholas Brooks, Sergei Shabarov, Andreia Serrano, Natalia Bedrossian

Music supervision: Wake The Town
Music: ‘Creative Journey’ by Wake The Town