Beautiful CG Product Film by Arnis Vitol for VIZULO “SLB”

Director/animator and 3D technical artist Arnis Vitols in Riga, Latvia: “VIZULO is an architectural lighting company and has invested great resources in research and development to update their flagship luminaire the Stork Little Brother.


“To display the achievements of VIZULO’s engineers an art-tech film was needed. The film showcases all fields where the SLB has improved most: Material use, Functionality, Design and Smart Technologies.

“The storyline of the film resembles VIZULO’s product development process of gathering inspiration in nature and applying it to form their products.

“To resemble the real-world use of the luminaire the environment is based on the pure geometry of brutalism architecture lit in a modern dark-mode inspired setting. The audio and overall motion qualities were chosen to make VIZULO stand out in a more modern light than any other competitor in this industry.

“To meet the creative goals with limited resources an alternative way was chosen for designing the environment. By using Houdini it was possible to design systems that can generate environments with animateable properties.

“This approach allowed starting as loose as possible and to quickly find interesting compositions that would work for the film.

“Arturs Senfelds at Dirty Deal Audio did an amazing job by fueling the visuals with rich percussions, deep bass and vivid vocals. The final collection of the presented sounds is a result of our grind to achieve a clear distinction between each element in the story.”
Client: VIZULO
Director/animator: Arnis Vitols
Sound Design: Arturs Senfelds @ Dirty Deal Audio

Immediate Byte