iHuman A.I Awakening by Rebel Unit | STASH MAGAZINE

“iHuman” A.I Awakening Doc Sequences by Rebel Unit

Theodor Groeneboom at VFX boutique Rebel Unit in Norway: “We were commissioned to create an abstract visualization of the awakening of a fictional AI character for Tonje Hessen-Schei’s documentary Human.” [Read more]

SYMBIOSIS art collaboration | STASH MAGAZINE

Sound Designers Take the Lead in “Symbiosis” Motion Collaboration

Moscow motion and concept designer Maslov Sergey gathers 19 sound designers and 22 motion designers to reverse the usual motion-first production pipeline and reveal “the full creative abilities of both professions.” [Read more]

DJ Shadow Slingblade music video | STASH MAGAZINE

DJ Shadow “Slingblade” Music Video by Ryo Kitabatake

Director, motion designer, and CG artist Ryo Kitabatake at WOW in Tokyo stirs together mystery, isolation, and atmosphere in this sweeping music video for the DJ Shadow track “Slingblade”. [Read more]

Kouhei Nakama Love Tiger Collection | STASH MAGAZINE

“Love Tiger Collection” Fashion Fim by Kouhei Nakama

Director and CG designer Kouhei Nakama extends 3D techniques he pioneered in his delightful 2017 breakout film “Makin’ Moves” for the winter collection of Japanese fashion brand Tiger Magic Bottle. [Read more]

We Were Young main titles Fabian Aerts | STASH MAGAZINE

“We Were Young” Spec Main Titles by Fabian Aerts

Trapped in pandemic lockdown, Belgian creative director, motion designer, and 3D artist Fabian Aerts makes fine use of his time and talents with a dramatic title sequence for an imagined TV series “We Were Young.” [Read more]

Emporio Armani Sneakers Cult by Alkanoids | STASH MAGAZINE

Emporio Armani “Sneakers Cult” by Alkanoids

From Alkanoids design studio in Milan, Italy: “New video created for the launch of Cult sneakers by Emporio Armani. A stream of dynamic and morphing animations that tell the brand’s story in bright and colorful images.” [Read more]