Re:newcell Circulose | STASH MAGAZINE

Circulose: The future of Sustainable Fashion

London motion designer/director Jesper Lindborg applies his talents for poetic 3D abstraction to this elegant brand film for the planet’s first commercial and scalable process for recycling cotton textiles back into cellulose. [Read more]

Six Kinetic Characters by Lucas Zanotto | STASH MAGAZINE

The Minimalist Charm of Lucas Zanotto’s Kinetic Characters

Born in Northern Italy and now based in Helsinki, Finland, Lucas Zanotto started out as a product designer before moving into motion design, directing, building zany apps for kids, and most recently CG character loops. [Read more]

NODE 2019 Opening Titles by Mister | STASH MAGAZINE

Coral as a Metaphor for Creativity: NODE 2019 Opening Titles by MISTER

From motion design agency MISTER in Sydney, Australia: “With the Node 2019 titles we wanted to celebrate collaboration and the creative process. We used coral polyps as our metaphor as they perfectly demonstrate how tiny creatures working together can make massive structures. [Read more]

Motorola Razr 2019 commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Flipping for Foldable: Motorola Razr 2019 Launch Film

The combined talents of U.S. style masters Los York and Berlin CG iconoclasts f°am Studio nudge this film for Motorola’s folding-screen update of their classic Razr over the line into a mainstream hit as it nears 40M views on YouTube. [Read more]

Manel - Formigues Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Manel “Formigues” Music Video by Marc Urtasun

Freelance designer Marc Urtasun in Barcelona: “I’ve been working freelance for the last six years for brands like Nike, Adidas, Nickelodeon – but I really enjoy personal work as they give you freedom for creating and expressing passion in your work. [Read more]

NodeFest 2019 Rodrigo Germano | STASH MAGAZINE

NodeFest 2019 “Fruity” ID by Rodrigo Germano

Brazilian motion designer/AD Rodrigo Germano (currently freelancing in Melbourne, Australia) responds to Node Fest’s ID challenge with a CG stunner that pushes this year’s “Fruity” theme into unexpected territory. [Read more]