"Cycles" Short Film by MNFST.studio | STASH MAGAZINE

“Cycles” Short Film by MNFST.studio

Directors Magdalena Zalewska and Nikita Shestakov at MNFST.studio in London: “‘Cycle’ is our very abstract take on plastic – from its organic origins to how it is slowly becoming a part of the natural cycle.” [Read more]

"Lost Places" Short Film by Fabian Aerts | STASH MAGAZINE

“Lost Places” Short Film by Fabian Aerts

Director/animator Fabian Aerts in Brussels: “Lost Places is a little series I worked on the last couple of weeks. The initial idea was to challenge myself in the creation of full CG environments. [Read more]

"Office Scripts in Excel Online" by Microsoft Design | STASH MAGAZINE

“Office Scripts in Excel Online” by (and for) Microsoft Design

Microsoft Design creative director Nando Costa: “This latest UX film we have created in-house and showcases one of the latest and most exciting capabilities of Excel Online, which allows the recording, editing, and sharing of simple, yet powerful scripts using a modern programming language. [Read more]

Flatwhite Motion "Kung Fu" and "Gashapon" Logo Animations | STASH MAGAZINE

Flatwhite Motion “Kung Fu” and “Gashapon” Logo Animations

Director/animator Max at Flatwhite Motion studio in Qingdao, China: “Finally we had a chance to make some logo animations for our own studio. [Read more]

Herredura Legend commercial by Panoply | STASH MAGAZINE

Herradura Becomes “Legend” in New Spot by Panoply

Mark Lindner, creative director at Panoply in London: “We collaborated closely with GREY Canada from the early creative stages to design and direct this launch film for Herradura’s new tequila, Legend. [Read more]

Dell "Beauty of Productivity" commercial by MPC and Dell Blue | STASH MAGAZINE

Dell “Beauty of Productivity” by MPC and Dell Blue

Dell Blue, the internal creative agency for Dell, launched a new campaign for the all-new UltraSharp monitor by Dell Technologies. The centerpiece of the campaign is a whimsical CG spot inspired by classic Rube Goldberg machines. [Read more]