Beautiful “MS Office 365” Process Reel by Tendril

From Tendril: “We were approached to concept and create a film for the Microsoft Ignite Conference that showcased the simple, powerful, and intelligent UI/UX of the new Office 365 Suite.”

“The challenge was to convey a simpler, modernized user interface and amplify a sense of ease-of-use while simultaneously revealing the engineering complexity and powerful capabilities that exist under the hood.

“The outcome was a world of layers that communicated the experiential fluidity and depth of the toolset, powered by decades of development.

“Drawing from these concepts and inspired by the underlying design, we dove deep into the software, constructing and deconstructing the various advancements into an animated visual language.”
Watch the final film:

Client: Microsoft
Creative director: Nando Costa

Animation: Tendril
Executive producer: Ashley Monaghan
Creative directors: Chris Bahry, Alex Torres
Producer: John Szebegyinszki
Production Coordinator: Jill Wilkie
Art director: Nidia Dias
Design: Nidia Dias, Joey Recoskie, Yeseong Kim, Nejc Polovsak, Alberto Carbonelli
Animation: Joey Recoskie, Yeseong Kim, Nejc Polovsak, Leandro Beltran, Samuel Bohn, Jeff Briant
Light/render: Jeff Briant, Nejc Polovsak, Joey Recoskie
Compositing: Brad Husband

Live action production: Nice & Juicy
Executive producer: Christian Tyler
Director: Ross Lai
Line producer: Christian Tyler
Production manager: Nicolas Houghton
DOP: Jonathan Cliff
Production Designer: Ben Gerlis
Stylist: Jackie McKeown
Talent: Chitom Eze, Saige McClean

Sound design/music: Zelig Sound