Builders Club Crafts “Future Mars Humans” for Gentle Monster

Creative/Producer Lauren Egen at Builders Club in London: “Korean sunglasses brand Gentle Monster asked us to create five portraits of “Future Mars Humans” for their large scale in-store installation at SKP Beijing.

“Installed around two robotic humans discussing a move to Mars, we worked closely with Gentle Monster to bring the idea of a futuristic human to life. The video portraits featured five characters, each connected to one of five elements: Light, Sand, Technology, Metal, Water.

“We created dynamic, tactile and intricate visual effects inspired by the distinct materialities of the elements. The effects morph and move in surreal, zero-gravity styles taking the face-filter trend further into an immersive CGI world.”
Gentle Monster - Future Mars Humans | STASH MAGAZINE

Director: Builders Club

Shoot Producer: Erinn Fitzgerald
Make Up: Jimmy Owen Jones
Hair: Sophie Anderson
Styling: Neesha Champaneria

Sound: Chris Banks