In Case You Haven’t Noticed, Our House is on Fire

Digital creative agency Hook in Ann Arbor, MI and Los Angeles, CA: “We are in a climate emergency. It’s not coming in the near future, it’s already here. In January 2019 at the World Economic Forum, this crisis was sparked by a speech from a 16-year-old student who decided our survival was more important than going to class.

“This film was made to remind people how this movement started and how far we still have to go. Because the house is still on fire. Today, it’s on all of us to finally act like we’re in a crisis and demand immediate action.

“To learn more about how the climate crisis is already affecting us and the organizations you can join to help solve it, visit:

“This film was made by Hook as a tribute to this moment in the history of climate activism and a further call to action. It has not been officially endorsed by Greta Thunberg.”

Animation: Hook
Music: Julia Piker
VO: Greta Thunberg

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