NotToScale_Chris Curtis | STASH MAGAZINE

Not To Scale Sign Chris Curtis

Former Passion Pictures director Chris Curtis moves his talent for mixed media to Not To Scale’s roster in London, New York and Amsterdam. [Watch]


“The Missing Scarf” Director Eoin Duffy Joins Troublemakers

Vancouver-based Irish director/animator Eoin Duffy, who landed on the 86th Academy Awards shortlist for his film “The Missing Scarf,” joins the roster of Paris prodco Troublemakers. [Watch]


Smith Consolidates Toronto Post Talent

Major merger on the Toronto post scene brings together Crush (design/animation), Notch (color grading), AXYZ (VFX/animation) and Lollipop (digital) to form a 60-person shop called Smith. [Watch]

Saschka Unseld_Passion | STASH MAGAZINE

Pixar Director Moves to Passion New York

Saschka Unseld, the director behind the Pixar short “The Blue Umbrella” and cinematographer on “Toy Story 3,” “Cars 2” and “Brave” joins Passion as CD in the New York office. [Watch]

Nomint Planktoon | STASH MAGAZINE

Planktoon Moves to NOMINT

Multi-talented Paris animation collective Planktoon join the growing directing roster at NOMINT. [Watch]

We Think Things The Academy | STASH MAGAZINE

The Academy Signs We Think Things

German animation duo Pascal Monaco and Felix Mayer (We Think Things) and their talent for vibrant and minimalist motion are now repped by Seattle animation studio The Academy. [Watch]