Assembly and Jonny Kofoed Find the Point of Change for Deloitte | STASH MAGAZINE

Assembly and Jonny Kofoed “Find the Point of Change” for Deloitte

With ample helpings of visual wit and style, director Jonny Kofoed and the motion team at Assembly in Auckland, New Zealand, transform dry facts and numbers about corporate change into an engaging message for Deloitte. [Watch]

UN Equality Our Final Frontier Jonny Kofoed Assembly | STASH MAGAZINE

UN “Equality: Our Final Frontier” by Jonny Kofoed and Assembly

Jonny Kofoed, director and founding partner at Assembly in Auckland, New Zealand, helps UN Women make the case we should tackle global gender equality before grand schemes like bionic eyes, walking on Mars, and a moon colony. [Watch]

Heinz Geoff animated TV spot | STASH MAGAZINE

Meet “Geoff,” Bean Fanatic and Family Man

Director Damon Duncan and the 3D animation crew at Assembly in Auckland show off their character and narrative skills with this mini-epic documenting the life of Geoff, devoted family man and bean fanatic. [Watch]

Harry Baker_Anchor | STASH MAGAZINE

Turning Milk Advertising “Inside Out”

UK mathematician turned champion slam poet Harry Baker provides the word flow behind this otherworldly spot created by Assembly in Auckland for New Zealand diary giant Anchor. [Watch]

Samuel Bennetts | STASH MAGAZINE

Assembly Signs Director and VFX-Guru Samuel Bennetts

From the release: Assembly is thrilled to welcome versatile director Samuel Bennetts into their cavalcade of distinguished talent. Previously repped by Acne, Samuel brings an approach to storytelling that does not pigeonhole him into any particular style. Instead, Samuel adds a unique glint to everything he touches, adding layers of emotion to leave long-lasting personal […] [Watch]

Johnny Kofoed_McWhopper | STASH MAGAZINE

Peace One Day Wants to Build the “McWhopper”

Assembly director Jonny Kofoed and his intrepid team of three animators makes a compelling case for the proposed 24-hour detente between Burger King and McDonalds in’s continued campaign to make the world a nicer place. [Watch]

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