Chaka Khan “Like Sugar” Music Video

Somesuch director Kim Gehrig fuses the talents of French choreographer Olivier Casamayou, Trim editor Fouad Gaber, and a compact Framestore VFX crew into a riveting music promo for R&B legend Chaka Khan guaranteed to jump-start your mood.
Chaka Khan Like Sugar Music Video Framestore Somesuch | STASH MAGAZINE

Production: Somesuch
Director: Kim Gehrig
Producer: James Waters
Head of Music Videos & EP: Saskia Whinney
Production Manager: Maddy Perkins
DOP: Deepa Keshvala
1st AD: Jerome Franc
Choreographer: Olivier Casamayou

VFX: Framestore
VFX Supervisor, Creative Director: Ben Cronin
VFX Lead: Christian Baker
VFX Assist: Matthew Thomas, Kane Herd
Hiero/Hero Editor: Richard Gao
Colorist: Simon Bourne
Producer: Josh King
Assistant Producer: Alexia Paterson

Editorial: Trim Editing
Editor: Fouad Gaber