The Charisma® Manifesto by (and for) Russian Agency SmartHeart®

Moscow agency SmartHeart® package imagery from their client porfolio with a blast of assertive copy into a punchy and stylish sizzle reel they call their Charisma® Manifesto.

My brand story starts
from the beginning.
I’m energy.
I’m passion.
I’m life.

My character manifests in all.
You cannot ignore it…
I’ll drive you mad.
You won’t sleep.
You won’t forget.
You won’t be able to live without me.
I’m your driver for change.

I’m invaluable.
I create values.

I feel sensitively
and think beyond logic.
I’m moving fast and steadily.
I talk like ——— Buddha

Мy tone of voice is

My mission
is to unleash your potential
and extend the borders
of your perception…

My visual identity
expressed through a dot,
line, surface and space…
I create a new dimension…

I contain the whole color spectrum.
I can be black, I can be red,
I can be tender blue…

I sound like the roaring of wind,
like a birdsong,
like a thunderblast.

I summarize all…
I’m taking you by the hand and lead through the 360 experience.
I’m everything you need.

My name is Сharisma.

What’s yours?
Production: SmartHeart®
Yuriy Narvin — Creative & Art director
Anna Antonova — Copywriter
Alex Frukta — Motion Design
Vasily Filatov — Sound Design
Kamila Nafikova — Project Manager