“Citizen Impeachment 2020” by Spillt

Ed Rhine ECD at design/animation agency Spillt in Denver: “Setting aside that the messaging can be divisive or reductionist depending on your political alignment, we thoroughly stand behind the citizen’s power to be the center of democracy through the right to vote.

“Meant to serve as a timely address to the third ever impeachment in our nation’s history, our team’s deadline was considerably tight by the point Cactus brought us into the fold.

“On the other hand, this allowed for an unusual degree of creative freedom. Symbolic visuals like crowns, flags and landmark buildings depict the core concepts, while transitions provide visual sophistication at key moments.”

Agency: Cactus

Production: Spillt
Executive Producer: Chris Engle
Senior Producer: Julie Morrandez
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Bramwell
Creative Director: Jason Oberg
Design/Animation: Jason Oberg, Samantha Mireles, Hollee Winans, Kevin Kerndt, Jon Drobil