The countdown to STYLE FRAMES is on!

Less than 60 days to go until New York’s own STYLE FRAMES design conference takes over the SVA Theatre on 23rd street for two days of inspiring speakers, insightful panels, and intense socializing on Nov 7-8.

Stay inspired
with two solid days of hardcore visual inspiration in the heart of New York

Stay competitive
with fresh insights into the art, craft, politics, and secrets of pitching your work

Stay connected
with exceptional creative and production talent from around the planet



PES, Director @ PESFilm

Frank Balson, Director @ Blur Studio

Mike Alderson, Co-founder & ECD @ ManvsMachine

Adina Sales, Founder and Managing Director @ Blacklist

Kibwe Tavares, Director @ Nexus

Shannon Lewis, Development Producer @ Passion Pictures

Dan & Jason, Directors @ Hornet

Nick Setounski, Head of Production, Wieden+Kennedy NY

Ben Radatz, Co-founder/Director @ MK12

David Footman, Cinematics Director @ Ubisoft

Jennifer Giddens, SVP Marketing & Digital @ NBCUniversal

Greg Hahn, Founder, ECD, and Ryan Moore, Creative Director @ Gretel

Maryanne Butler, Creative Director @ Framestore

Zander Brimijoin, Creative Director @ Red Paper Heart

Steve Viola, SVP of Design, FX Networks

Sue Lee, Executive Producer, Los York

Gabe Garner, SVP Business Planning & Dave Snyder, SVP ECD @Firstborn

Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres, Leo Mateus, Vini Nascimento, CDs @ Tendril

Camila De Biaggi, EP and Alan Bibby, Creative Director @ MPC

Liz Kiehner, Global Design Services Director @ IBMiX

Alan Williams, Creative Director @ Imaginary Forces

Patricia Claire, Managing Partner, Strategy & Marketing @ Free Agents


GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW (and save some cash) before prices go up!

STYLE FRAMES is presented by Stash Media, Inc. and FITC