FITC Web Unleashed 2022 Event TitlesDaniel Alvarez | STASH MAGAZINE

Web Unleashed 2022 Event Titles By Daniel Alvarez

The FITC Web Unleashed 2022 conference opened last week in Toronto with this intense title sequence designed and animated by Colombian motion designer and self-described graphics nerd Daniel Alvarez. [Watch]

FITC Toronto 2022 Titles by Territory Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

FITC Toronto 2022 Titles by Territory Studio

The 2022 edition of FITC Toronto, the planet’s top design-meets-tech creative conference, opens today with these joy-inducing titles by Territory Studio (based on the theme of emergence) setting the tone. [Watch]

FITC Toronto 2021 Opening Titles by Laundry | STASH MAGAZINE

FITC Toronto 2021 Opening Titles by Laundry

FITC Toronto, the mother of all digital creative conferences, launched its 20th-anniversary edition virtually on Monday with this visual treat from CDs Alex Liou, PJ Richardson, and the crew at Laundry in LA. [Watch]

What You May Find: FITC x Sarofsky | STASH MAGAZINE

FITC Toronto 2020 “What You May Find” by Sarofsky

When FITC had to cancel the 2020 edition of their flagship event in Toronto, the crew and director Erin Sarofsky choose to release the conference titles as a reminder of “What You May Find” at future intersections of design and technology. [Watch]


Best of Stash 2019: Event Films

The creative freedom that comes with creating trailers and titles for design conferences have established these sequences as the genre of choice for visually ambitious directors. Here are seven that kept our optic nerves tingling in 2019. [Watch]

Beeple Opens FITC Toronto 2019

CG iconoclast Mike Winkelmann (aka Beeple) harnesses the talents of a group of 3D and 2D friends to showcase the stellar line up at the FITC Toronto 2019 conference with this fun and frenzied sequence. [Watch]