CrowdStrike Saves Troy in Super Bowl Debut

Radical Media director Tarsem Singh and Framestore’s NY VFX crew added a hint of Monty Python to Super Bowl LVII with the debut spot for US cybersecurity company CrowdStrike (seen here in the extended 60-second version).

From the team at Framestore: “Shooting on location in the Moroccan desert, the VFX team was tasked with digitally creating a shoreline and ocean that resembled the original city of Troy.

“Framestore CD and VFX Supervisor Martin Lazaro and a drone team captured imagery of the desert shore which could be used as reference material for digital matte painting (DMP) in post. The team then built an entire fleet of battleships to scatter across the ocean in CG.

“To achieve the final picture, the VFX team took in-camera shots and began with DMPs of the inner city, castle entrance, battle debris, and altered landscape, followed by sky replacements.

Additional effects were applied to complete the illusion of Troy’s protective fortress, ravaged by years of war. Fire, smoke and ground destruction were added to every shot. Combined with CG effects and compositing in Nuke, extensive DMP work was leveraged to achieve this result.”
Super Bowl Debut Framestore RadicalMedia | STASH MAGAZINE

Super Bowl Debut Framestore RadicalMedia | STASH MAGAZINE

Super Bowl Debut Framestore RadicalMedia | STASH MAGAZINE

Super Bowl Debut Framestore RadicalMedia | STASH MAGAZINE

Super Bowl Debut Framestore RadicalMedia | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: CrowdStrike
CEO: George Kurtz
CMO: Jennifer Johnson
VP Brand: Jessica Meyers
Head of Brand Strategy: Emily Van Norden
ECD: Doug Finelli
ECD, Media: Zandy Ariss
Brand Strategy Director: Molly Thornton
Brand Media Director: Jeff Taylor
Creative Director: Jeff Gelberg
Associate Creative Director: Allie Kohr
Senior Graphic Designer: Marcus Johnson
Senior Multimedia Producer: Brian Kimmel
Senior Counsel: Katherine Neumon
Producer: Mike Davison

Production: RadicalMedia
Director: Tarsem Singh
EP: Frank Scherma
Line Producer: Dominic Wilcox
DOP: Colin Watkinson
Production Designer: Ged Clarke
Costume Designer: Zelda Sellars

Morocco Production Service: ZAK Productions

VFX: Framestore
Creative Director: Martin Lazaro
Director of Production: Carla Attanasio
Executive Producer: Dan Roberts
Senior Producer: Scott Tinter
Associate Producer: Valia Dudzyana
Head of CG: Christian Nielsen
Head of 2D: Woei Lee
VFX On Set Supervisor: Martin Lazaro
CG Supervisor: Brian Creasey
VFX Supervisor / Comp Lead: Mark Casey
Previs: Sean Curran
Camera Tracking: Rebecca Teichner, Sean Dollins
Animators: Edwin Schaap, Marco Marenghi, Taylor Hodgson-Scott
LookDev: Kaho Horiuchi
Lighting: Ariel Loza
Rigging: Meghan Pangiochi
FX: Aidan Merryman
Digital Matte Painters: Nick Hiatt, Pete Pace
Nuke Compositors: Andrew Hardaway, Justin Myrick, Kyle Brown, Samuel Jorgensen
Finishing / Delivery: Amanda Elliott, Amanda Harris, Carlos Adarraga Gomez, Glenn Teel, Luca Pelegatta, Matt Dobrez, Toby Brockhurst
Designer: Yujung Lee
Online Editors: Dustin Indrebo, Jacob Sadowsky, Phillip Calderon

Storyboards: Famous Frames
VP/Sr. Artist Agent/Producer: Tara Aarons
Artist: Jeff Norwell

Editorial: Union Editorial
EP: Vicki Russell
Editor: John Bradley
Assistant Editor: Katie Allison
Assistant: Shelby Merritt

Color: Company 3
Senior Colorist: Jill Bogdanowicz
Senior Producer: Matt Moran

Original Score: Songs for TV & Film
Music Supervisor: David Fisher
Composer: Pedro Osuna via Woolly Music

Sound Design: Howdy Sound
Sound Designer: Dusty Albertz

Audio: Lime Studios
Audio Mixer: Zac Fisher
Austin Assistant: Klaudia Bennett
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
Voice Talent: Sam Williamson

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