Device Keep Work Friendly for HelloWork

From the team at Device in Barcelona: “The agency SocialClub Paris reached out to us to create a relatable, easy-going TV commercial campaign for HelloWork, announcing its new name and the merge of several job search sites into the new platform.

“We combined a kick-ass art direction with slick stop-motion-like animation and subtle sound design to set the mood, aiming for a pleasant and familiar vibe to go with the humorous, ironic tone of voice.

“Simplicity was key, an almost toy-like environment creates a tender, innocent mood while leaving plenty of creative space for the quirky characters and humor that defines the video.

“Character design played a very important role in the campaign. We started by assigning clear psychological profiles to each character and then took things further, highlighting their personality with exaggerated features for a more powerful effect.

“Technically, we used stepped animation in order to give the videos a handmade look, with a rougher feel that would better fit the visual style, even though everything was done in 3D. This way, we animated only one frame out of every 2 or 3, with no interpolation to create that cartoon, stop-motion illusion.”
Device BOL HelloWork commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Device BOL HelloWork commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Device BOL HelloWork commercial | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: HelloWork

Agency: Socialclub Paris

Production: BOL
Director: Device (Raül Peix; Laura Sirvent)
Executive Producer: Marcello Buselli, Pierre Gobin
Producer: Tamara Sefcovicova
Storyboard Artist: Álvaro Monje, Karla Cuba
2D Illustrator: Marc Stuart, Gastón Pacheco
3D Animation: Laura Sirvent, Rocket Frames

Marc Stuart, Gastón Pacheco

Music: Facundo Capece
Sound Design: Laura Sirvent, Rocket Frames