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Director Julien Vanhoenacker Joins Bent Image Lab

From the release:

Vanhoenacker brings live action with CG VFX skills to expand new dimensions for Bent Image Lab.

Julien Vanhoenacker combines the skills of a live action director with the innovative perspective of an experienced VFX and CG artist. Working initially with Bent Design Lab on projects, he now is represented exclusively in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand by Bent.

“Getting a new project is a balancing act, I like to look at the board or script and let it sink in while at the same time being careful not to allow it to engrave itself in stone in order keep flexibility and leave room to new ideas,” Vanhoenacker said. “Bent understands my approach and that is a key reason why I signed with them.”

“Our Design Lab directors, Joshua Cox and Solomon Burbridge, brought Julien to our attention and the impressive set of skills he has as a CG/VFX designer; we have shown his CG auto spots to producers who could not tell the car was CG,” said Anthony Greene, Executive Producer. “We love Julien’s design sense and his work.”

“Relying on the extensive work of pre-production, planning and experimenting, shooting live action is always a mix of teamwork, focus and enjoying the moment”, said Vanhoenacker. “I especially love mixing in-camera footage and CGI because it adds a lot of life to the final picture. It is important to allow for the unexpected, the little mistakes that can turn into interesting bits of character.”

Vanhoenacker’s latest spot for IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai called “The Magic Ticket” showcases both live action with the emphasis on action and his ability to create believable fantasy with CG animation.