Echoic Audio Rebrands With a Soundgasm

From the release:

Award-winning music and sound design studio Echoic Audio unveil a fresh rebrand with a stunning experimental short directed by creative studio DissEmbargo.

Soundgasm draws on Echoic’s impactful new palette and stays true to their focus on working with groundbreaking artists. Alongside the film, Echoic’s rebrand arrives in the form of a new visual identity and redesigned website showcasing their extensive work with high-profile animation studios, brands and agencies. It also coincides with the new multi-suite studio build which has taken place at their primary facility in the heart of Bristol.

Since founders David Johnston and Tom Gilbert started Echoic Audio 14 years ago, their reputation for cutting-edge audio production has risen through work with studios such as The Mill, Future Deluxe and weareseventeen, and brands including Aston Martin, Lush and Mercedes-Benz. Rising demand meant it was necessary to expand their studio to include two additional production suites.

Teaming up with DissEmbargo to create the visual component of their new film was a logical progression. Before DissEmbargo launched at the start of 2024, directors Sebastian Helene and The Dink had already worked with Echoic Audio on various shorts and visual projects reaching back years. In this new collaboration, they draw on the multi-sensory responses to sound that drives Echoic’s work.

“As the launch of a new brand is cause for celebration and joy, we came up with the concept of a Soundgasm”, explains DissEmbargo. “A vibrant expression of the new brand palette and how sound can take hold of the human spirit.”

DissEmbargo went on to reveal more about their concept, “throughout the film we wanted to give homage to the new logo wherever we could, whether that be on the soles of a shoe or in the iris of an eye meaning that in the launch film there are little easter eggs dotted throughout.”

Echoic founder Tom Gilbert elaborates on the soundtrack for Soundgasm. “We crafted a vibrant UK bass-infused composition, drawing inspiration from the eclectic vibes of our hometown, Bristol. The dynamic track features syncopated rhythms, rich organic percussion, expressive human vocals, and textured modular synth elements, all blending seamlessly with DissEmbargo’s captivating visuals”