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Enter the Dream World of “Play”

Starting with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, South Korean motion designers Minhyung Lee and Jeong-a Shin, construct a complex and whimsical CG dream called “Play” set inside the rotating sections of a glass Rubik’s cube.

Minhyung Lee: “This film represents that the perception of this world is relative, then the things we are seeing, hearing, and feeling is changing in infinite variety.

“Rotating stages is inspired by a toy called Rubik’s cube to show fluidity and dynamics of the view of the world. Moreover, we focused on “play”‘s other meaning as theater, so we built a construction with various stages in an unbroken line. And we think all of these elements are “PLAY”, so we just play.”

“Our thinking is really nothing but a very refined interwoven play of seeing, hearing, feeling.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Directed & Designed: Minhyung Lee, Jeong-a Shin
Special Advisor: Jaehyuk Lee
Supported by: VDAS (vdas.co.kr)
Rendered at: Garage Farm (garagefarm.net)
Background music: deadmau5 “Errors In My Bread” (itunes.apple.com/us/album/while-1-2/id877853648)
Posters in office scene
_”무력할 땐 아리스토텔레스” Hyung-jin Kim (wkrm.kr)
_”도시 공원: 숨-쉬다” Dokho Shin (shindokho.kr)
_”타이틀매치 – 샛꽃돌봄” Sam-yeol Ahn (facebook.com/ahn310)
_”예측 불가능한 상황” Joonghyun Cho (joonghyuncho.com)
Software: Cinema4D, V-Ray for C4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro

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