Floris+Menno+Mystery+Surrealism = Shortcutz

Amsterdam creative duo Floris Vos and Menno Fokma continue their exploration of CG and live-action with these elegant and eccentric black and white category opens for the local Shortcutz film awards.

“We created 11 idents in a period of only four weeks so we decided to keep it simple. We came up with a list of metaphors for each category, picked the strongest ones, and created a small story/setting around it. All shot on a Lumix GH3, in and around our studio on the NDSM, Amsterdam.”
Fokma_Shortcutz | STASH MAGAZINE
Director: Floris+Menno
Designer/3D animator: Johannes Sande (Career Award), Koen de Mol, Olivier Ballast & Rick Franssen (Best Experimental, Best DOP)
Co-director/3D animator: Tom Geraedts (Best Documentary)
Camera/lighting/post: Floris Vos, Menno Fokma
Cast: Roos Wijnen (Best Short Film Award), Maren Scheffler (Best Documentary)

Music/sound design: Studio Takt