Frame Deconstructs Louis Poulsen’s Classic PH5 Lamp

From Frame: “As a proudly Copenhagen-based studio, it’s a rare honor to be given the opportunity to work with a Danish design icon. When we were approached to create a film for the iconic PH5 lamp, we could not have been more excited!

“Our challenge was to balance paying reverence to the beautiful iconic shape of the lamp itself, whilst celebrating its new release in an array of new colour combinations and new smaller size variant.

“With this spot we also wanted to demonstrate to younger generations that the PH5 is still cool and contemporary and not just for their parents living room – an iconic lamp, fit for every living space.

The spot playfully expresses the subtle transformation from large to small, through an abstract, colorful and aesthetic exploration of the individual lamp parts being drawn together, searching for a balanced composition.

“The pieces finally find their perfect fit, by settling in the complete constellation of the PH5 lamp.”
Frame PH5_Poulsen | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Louis Poulsen A/S
Concept / Direction / Design / Animation: Frame
Sound Design: Zelig Sound

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