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Framestore: Robinsons SQUASH’D “Zero Gravity”

Framestore CD/director Mike McGee leads an intrepid crew into weightlessness aboard a Go ZeroG plane to, well… flavor some water with Robinsons SQUASH’D thru Iris Worldwide.

McGee: “When we were inside the ‘vomit comet’ things got out of control pretty quickly: bits of our equipment floated away, cables floated up in front of the camera, cameras pointed in the wrong direction and the crew spun around uncontrollably feeling nauseous.”

“We had a team of eight up on the plane with a Go Pro camera each and two high-speed cameras shooting at 2K to allow us to slow down and zoom in on the all-important mixing shot. With only 12 takes to get everything we needed and only 15 seconds of weightlessness at a time, it was a formidable task.”