The Grand Vision of Canal+ “Comète”

A trip into the imagination of a Canal+ screenwriter takes on full blockbuster proportions in this VFX fest from Mikros MPC Advertising and Wanda director Ivan Grbovic thru BETC Paris.

The French broadcaster also paid tribute to its screenwriters in 2015 with “Unicorns,” an apocryphal and hilarious mini-masterpiece directed by Matthijs Van Heijningenin with VFX also handled by Mikros Image.

Credits for “Comète”

Client: Canal+

Agency: BETC Paris

Production: Wanda
Director: Ivan Grbovic

VFX studio: Mikros MPC Advertising
Head of production: Fabrice Damolini
VFX producer: Nicolas Huguet
VFX coordinators: Antoine Bory, Benjamin Cathala, Mathilde Mondamert
Creative director: Laurent Creusot
Shooting prep: Luc Martias, Laurent Creusot
Grading: Sébastien Mingam
CG Supervisor: Guillaume Dadaglio
CG Leads: André Monteiro, Vincent Coni

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