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Hornet Announces Global Signing of Artist and Filmmaker Andrew Myers

From the release:

Spending his formative years in small towns throughout Ontario, Canada, Andrew Myers‘ childhood embodied a bit of a nomadic existence with many siblings and no sense of permanence. Days spent cycling around small towns in the midst of a cultural void, his home life was chaotic and rather unorganized, and as a result, he is an incredibly neat, structured and organized person.

From a young age, drawing was his grounding point, initially drawn to anatomically detailed figures so his first “when I grow up..” was to be a medical illustrator. His reflection upon his younger self was a period of incredible boredom; reading, drawing and waiting to leave.

He left to the big city of Toronto, to get his BFA at Ryerson University. His move to art school was both a natural decision, and yet one made with a level of naiveté and optimism. There wasn’t really anything else he would have done, and yet there wasn’t a real thought to how to make that work. Still, college was a magical time where Andrew fully came into himself.

Surrounded by incredibly creative and talented people, and able to live fully as himself and all shades of himself it was like Alice in Wonderland. It was a time of embracing theory and the rejection of theory. Making work obsessively, biking around and learning about life and about love, and discovering the personal interpretation of “work.”