Hornet Heaps More Hell on Habito

From Hornet in NYC: “Director Andy Baker teamed up with Uncommon Creative Studio to illustrate just how hellish, nightmarish, and downright mortally stressful it can be to buy a home without the help of Habito, the UK’s largest online mortgage broker.

“This gleefully sinister film is the fifth that Andy directed for Habito and the first produced by Hornet. In it, our redheaded hero dukes it out with a werewolfish cast of flesh-eating rival buyers who are all competing for our hero’s dream home.”
Watch more highlights from Baker’s hoard of Habito hellish-ness below…



Client: Habito

Agency Uncommon Creative Studio
Creative Director: Sam Walker
Creative: Tom Espezel, Nina Beyers
Agency Producer Jennifer Grant

Production: Hornet
Director: Andy Baker
Animation Director: Michael Luzzi
Animators: Sami Healy, Ty Enos, Krystal Downs, Casey McDonald, Meredith Nolan, Hazel Zheng, Andres Padilla, Emma Jansson
Compositor: Gilad Gamliel
EP: Hana Shimizu
Head of Production: Greg Bedard
Head of Creative Development: Kristin Labriola
Producer: Dez Stavracos, Lucia Davies
Editor: Dylan Leslie
Edit Assist: Hyeseung Kim
Production Coordinator: Nico Benenati
Storyboard: Stephanie Dere
Character Designer: Serge Seidlitz
2D Prep: Ty Enos, Emma Janssan
Environment Designer: Andres Padilla, Ivan Aguirre, Kathleen Gleeson
Environment Design Assist” Emma Jansson, Andy Baker, Michael Luzzi, Nico Benenati, Dez Stavracos

Post: Time Based Arts

Sound design: Wave Studios
Sound designer: Dugal Macdiarmid
Music supervisor: Dom Bastyra @ Wake the Town
VO Artist Jennifer Grant