Hulu “Hillary” Documentary Main Title by Imaginary Forces

From Imaginary Forces: “How do you make a portrait of one of the most admired and vilified women of the world? Well, if it’s Hillary Clinton, you raid filmmaker Nanette Burstein’s archive of personal and press photos, stack ’em in chronological order, and let ’em play!

“It’s time travel from girlhood to candidacy, complete with boundless eyeglass styles and famous photobombs.

“Not to forget the music… Hillary’s spirit is matched by “Take Back the Power” by the Interrupters. Just a taste of punk rock to underscore a remarkable four-part docu-series that premiered at Sundance and is now streaming on Hulu.

“With so much of Hillary’s life spent as a political figure, the photos were specifically chosen to portray the full spectrum of her multiple roles, public and private: student, leader, mother, wife, senator, presidential candidate. They appear in roughly chronological order.”

Client: Hulu

Production: Imaginary Forces
Creative Directors: Karin Fong, Harshit Desai
Animators: James Gardner, Rob Slychuck
Editor: Lin Wilde
Producer: Jared Libitsky
Coordinator: Nicole Gutzmann

Music: The Interrupters “Take Back the Power”

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