Best of Stash 2018 Title Design | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2018: Title Design

Setting the tone and creating anticipation for a live event, feature film, or television series is both an enormous responsibility and a cherished creative opportunity. Here’s seven title sequences that rose above and beyond in 2018. [Read more]

STARZ Counterpart show titles | STASH MAGAZINE

Imaginary Forces Open “Counterpart” for STARZ

Director Karin Fong and the Imaginary Forces crew explore an “intricate world of parallel dimensions, doppelgängers, secrets and suspense” in the austere and ominous opening titles for STARZ’ critically acclaimed new series “Counterpart.” [Read more]

IF Karin Fong God of War | STASH MAGAZINE

Karin Fong Finds Humanity in “God of War: Ascension”

Imaginary Forces director Karin Fong and “District 9” DP Trent Opaloch give us a glimpse at the human side of Kratos and the motivation behind his revenge in this trailer for the latest update to Sony’s “God of War” franchise. Produced direct-to-client in-house at IF, a :60 version of the trailer will also air during [Read more]