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Imaginary Forces Opens Vinyl for HBO

Peter Frankfurt and the Imaginary Forces crew capture the Zeitgeist of 1970s New York for the titles of HBO’s new music business drama “Vinyl” with a visceral interpretation of the sex, drugs, fashion, hedonism and chaos that defined the dawn of punk, disco, and hip-hop.

Client: HBO

For Imaginary Forces:
Executive Creative Director: Peter Frankfurt
Creative Directors: Alan Williams, Michelle Dougherty
Executive Producer: Jon Hassell
Lead Producer: Tess Sitzmann
Producer: Dunja Vitolic
Lead Editor: Jessica Ledoux
Editor: Zach Kilroy
Type Designers: Jeremy Cox, Henry Chang
3D Animators: Bhakti Patel, Dan Meehan, Sekani Solomon
Coordinator: Krista Templeton
Additional Designs: Nick Wiesner, Michael Sistek
Type Animations: Dan Meehan, Henry Chang