Impossible Objects Build an Impossible World in Music Video for PIA & Anymize

Director Joe Sill and the virtual production team at Impossible Objects conjure a massive fantasy world in this music video for singer/songwriter/artist PIA and EDM producer Anymize using only a 30 X 12 LED wall and Unreal Engine.

From Impossible Objects: “Shot in a single day, the video for ‘Follow the Toad’ proves virtual production is no longer restricted to big studio budgets, and in the hands of the right creative team can be leveraged into mesmerizing visuals.

“Working entirely in the Unreal Engine, and utilizing everything that was captured in camera on the mini-LED wall during the live action shoot, was key to the realization of this unique vision.

“We also used assets from Quixel and Big/Medium/Small, together with the iPhone app RealityCapture from Epic Games to scan both actors and create digital doubles of them. All of the wide shots in the video feature a 50/50 split of actors and their digital double counterparts.

“This project transcended the boundaries of traditional music video production, intentionally catering to the tech-savvy gaming community, which is a significant part of PIA’s identity as a visual artist, storyteller and world-builder herself.”

Artist: Anymize, PIA

Production: Impossible Objects
Director: Joe Sill
EP: Jerad Anderson, Sarah James
Head of Finance: Natasha A Seubert
Head of Technology: Luc Delamare
Producer: Brittany Chiodo
1st AD: Anthony Robertson Jr.
2nd AD: Kristina Brancaccio
DP: Brian Tang
Wardrobe Stylist: Joanna David
Wardrobe Asst: Cara Seo
HMU: Anny Kim
1st AC: Jeff Vanderpool
2nd AC: RJ Siu
Steadicam Op: Luke Dyra
Key Grip/Gaffer: Gordon Chan
Production Designer: Alen Stubbs
Art Assistant: Ricardo Hanson
BTS Photographer: Tony Rysk
BTS Videographer: Karl Stelter
PA: Jermaine Williams, Joey Sturdivant

Virtual Production Facilities: CinePacks Studios
Founder: Andy Chen
Unreal TD: Josh Lykkeberg

Starring: PIA, Abhay Deol