History_Texas Rising | STASH MAGAZINE

King and Country Open “Texas Rising” for History

Obsessively detailed and lovingly rendered all-CG title sequence from King and Country for “Texas Rising,” History’s 10-hour miniseries based on the Texas Revolution against Mexico directed by Roland Joffé.

K&C director and CD Rick Gledhill: “When History approached us to create the main titles, we responded with an idea steeped in metaphor and driven by narrative that really set the stage for this epic story.

“It’s a modern approach to a classic genre. It’s darkly beautiful and it’s magic lies in the details. Every single element of the show, down to the smallest button, is damaged, tarnished and war-torn, and great care was taken to make our models and textures true to both the show and History.”

The 50+ photorealistic CG models, duplicated hundreds of times to make the elaborate repeating pattern arrays, required over 15,000 rendering hours. K&C addressed this work load by prepping all shots beforehand and creating a custom model referencing system that allowed for the large volume of models to be worked on simultaneously with layout, animation and rendering.

Client: History
SVP, A+E History Marketing: Guy Slattery
VP, History On-Air: Krista Liney
Senior Creative Director: Michael Scalere

VFX & Animation Company: King and Country
Director / Creative Director: Rick Gledhill
Executive Producer: Jerry Torgerson
Managing Director, Network & Brands: Lisa Miller
VFX Supervisor: Andrew Cook
Art Director: Henry Castelton
Producer: Seth Gantman
Coordinators: Rebecca Park and Kate Lynn Abigail
Designer / Animators: Henry Castelton, Jon Lorenz, Greg Mitchell, David Perry, Dan Bucknam & Brad Mitchell
3D Artists: Yu Okuizumi, Andrew Cook, Tim Salikov & Oyekunle Jegede
Sketch Artists: Chad Jackson & Dan Hamilton

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