KORB and Echolab Team Up for “All is Uniform” Short Film

Rimantas Lukavicius, founder at KORB in Vilnius, Lithuania: “This short film explores the interaction between the uniform particles and light. We had this idea for quite some time, but unfortunately didn’t manage to realize it in commercial work, therefore we used our spare time to bring it to life.

“The process was a pleasure as we didn’t have any deadline or creative restrictions for the film. However, it took a few months to finalize because we had to run other commercial projects in the meantime.

“That said, it was truly fun to work on since the pipeline was light and all the sims and renders ran fairly quickly, thanks to tyFlow and Redshift.

Gavin Little, founder/composer at Echolab in Dublin, Ireland: “KORB’s animation had a strong sense of building intensity at different stages in the edit. I decided to try using lots of tape delay feedback plus distortion feedback to build intensity in the soundtrack to match the visuals.”

Director/animator: Korb
Soundtrack: Echolab