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Kosai Sekine: Bending Reality

Bombarded by so much media, we’ve all become super-confident hyper-editors – instantly sorting the stream of images into hot or not, do or delete, fraud or fake. So it’s startling to find your brain caught in a loop, cycling between belief and denial.

Is Tokyo director Kosai Sekine‘s reality-bending new video for Japanese electro-duo Young Juvenile Youth all CG or enhanced live action?

UPDATE from director Kosai Sekine:

“Yuki’s head is real, it’s a mix of live action and CG. We did 3D scan for her but the method was to shoot in-camera as much as we can.

“For example, when we see that the half of her face transforms into a mountain I actually created a real plaster head-piece to shoot. That’s tough part but also fun.

“I used variable speed changes of frame rate, kinnect, 3D CG, robot arm, and real material in-camera shoot. I kept these techniques simple because I felt it’s more creative to make process complicated just by using simple techniques.”

Label: Beat Records
Artist: Young Juvenile Youth

Director: Kosai Sekine
Producers: Toshiyuki Takei, Kazunari Hujie
Production Managers: Ryuichi Ushioda, Yuka Sato
DOP: Senzo Ueno
Production Designer: Tateo Yanagimachi
Offline Editor: Ryuichi Hasegawa
Frame Artist: Hitoshi Kimura
CG animation: Toru Hayai

Production: Taiyo Kikaku
Post Production: BOOK

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